on harrowing

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the drama of you turning away
my dying gesture, to touch your hand
your sentimental lips pull apart to split me
to let me go


but it could never be gentle.

and I fight it.

when your reply is silence
imagine the ocean waves collapsing
to motionless glass, the fish and dolphins
the whales slow float to the surface, 
without majesty

when you finally say goodbye
imagine the birds falling from the sky
their feathered bodies plummeting to earth
their startled cry, a chorus

when you walk away
imagine being pulled in reverse
like a slingshot forever, without release forward
pinched at the back, curved over, gutted
and yanked through the memories for months

if you could imagine,

you wouldn't.
it's one-sided and over-the-top but it's real.

I am amazed at the sheer magnituted of emotion that can be generated within us.
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I especially love the imagery in the fifth stanza.