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The Young Bride 0formant0 en HD

Inspired by "A Lady of Leisure" by veterinarian
which again is based on a story by Dave potter:

and with the Veterinarian's kind advice regarding the strict reverse player this is an addition to my 1950 retro-aesthetics mini series "Corrective Measures" that can be found in my artbook number 4.
Text kindly supplied by Charles Ryder.

Formant artbooks:
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© 2021 0formant0
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My god what a fantastic interpretation! Wow.

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Thanks. Makes my day. ;)

I have a feeling that Camilla has plans for the young, comely bride, plans this delicious innocent young woman will find quite taxing. Not sure her husband will have much time with her. Hopefully, he can consummate the marriage.

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I share that feeling.

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OhgodYES!! I love being corseted in a hobble skirt.💋

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I am quite convinced you will look totally great in it after a few hours....

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Ooooooohhh YESYES!!! I love being fucked wearing a corset, I love the way I have to arch my back so that they can get their cock in me because of the pointed front of the corset that goes between my legs covering my pussy.💦💦💦💦💦

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I have a nice corset pics currently in the works as cover illustration for @Mduvant 's upcoming novel "Unfree3: Widows and Whips". Should meet your taste.

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Beautiful outfit and beautiful drawing

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Thank you very much.

You come up with some great clothes, but I think you should also look at the work of Jeroen van der Klis. (corset dresses)

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Checked him out. Very, VERY cool creations. Did not know them. Awesome.

Great! :) I recommend check his fetilfe account too "jeroenvdk" ;)(if you haven't done so already)

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The perks of the wedding

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I am sure she is already impatiently waiting for the next perk.

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Inspired by one of my favorite works, a new contender! The way you draw this bondage of fashion is really incredible!

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Thank you for the kind words.:happybounce:

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