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Mandelbulb 3D

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excellent! lovely forms :clap:
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The depth is amazing, beautiful.
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WOW!... How on Gods green earth do you Fractalists make these???????   🏆
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Ha looks like snakes wandering around, very well done!
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this is very wow
LynTaryn's avatar
almost tangibly moving!
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You really built a great scene here, you did a great job using asymmetry to break out of it looking too computery, which is a prob i find with a lot of fractals.  This looks like it could've been drawn - but at the same time, it has an element of uniqueness.  This is a great step.  
This is another mind blowing fractal image.
It looks like an invasion of alien cyborg worms.
I really wish I could create something like this, I would not know where to start.
Holokol's avatar really, that' s just crazy, I'm around here just to look so far, as I love fractal and abstract digital art, and your stuff is crazy! this one is one of the best! Colors too. Cheers!
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This is incredible!  One of the best Mandelbuld fractals I've ever seen!
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Amazingly complex and interesting!!
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My mind is melting. I can feel it.
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Deliciously twisted :)
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love this color scheme
AureliusCat's avatar
Wow, fantastic!! :clap:
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Awesome twisty, curly things! :D
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