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22 More Firefox Icons

O.K..I recieved a few notes asking for some differant color firefox here they are in one zip. My work may not be redistributed without permission.
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I really love your work!
I really like those, been looking around the net for something like that. Thank you!
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Very nive work & taste!
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your work is outstanding and you have lots of talent.

don't take care about the opinion of few jealous and incompetent "critiques". I think they spend hours choosing their clothes and pantyhose, ha ha ha...

I reckon my daughter is going to use the pink or purple one; they are nice. when she wakes up and decides I will let you know.

Thank you again
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Thanks memonio77..i never really pay attention to critiques since there artent really any qualified people to make them when it comes to artwork.
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Gooday mate:

She picked the pink one.
she is so happy with her new customization

Thanks again!
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Thank you. Most of these look great! Truly appreciate your work.
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sorry! what i mean is most of the colours didn´t match together, u used a red fox (not a orginal ffox icon, just a fan work ;) ) to combine it with a purple globe.. and this doesn´t look really good in my opinion.

it would be look much better when u coloured the fox into white or black to combine it with every colour u want, i hope u know what i mean..

so far the quality of the icons are good, only the colours are not pretty..
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hmm.. i think the firefox icon u used to blemish it is not ur work, what u do with these wonderful icon is just ugly.. sorry just my 2 cents Oo!
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Thats cool conteXx...everyone has differant taste. The icon i started with is from mozilla...the globes are mine. As I stated in the comment box..I've gotten a few notes asking for differant globe thats what i presented.Thanks for your imput though.
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