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Drunk Down Under
Naturally, Demo was the one who came up with the idea of a drinking contest. It was a few months into the current incarnation of the Gravel Wars and the team was finally getting a hang of each other's personal quirks. Nobody had snuck up behind the Sniper or Spy in days (finding yourself on the floor with a blade at your throat was never fun), everyone now knew to not put unpackaged food on the bottom shelf of the laboratory refrigerator (Medic had an annoying habit of letting organs drip body fluids onto it), and everyone but Pyro and Scout made a conscious effort not to bother Engineer and Demo when they were working on the next day's projects in their workshops (both of them had extreme tunnel vision). Which was probably why Demo was finally comfortable enough to get himself drunk in the base as well as on the battlefield.
"So, " he said one evening after dinner, "Do any o' ya think ya can handle more Scrumpy then me?" He slammed an unopened bottle of Scrumpy on the table and leered
:icon0bsidianfire:0bsidianFire 2 0

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Prayer for calm
Lord, make me silent.
Teach me to pray without asking.
I talk too much, loud and discordant.
I never hear your call.
Lord, make me still.
Teach me to lie in repose.
I move all day, fierce and clumsy.
I never feel your guiding hand.
My heart is frantic, 
my mind ill at ease,
thrumming and twitching
with unceasing demands.
Lord, quiet me, still me.
    Fill me.
:iconquiestinliteris:QuiEstInLiteris 20 20
Announcing the CRLiterature Book Club!
Here at CRLiterature, we wanted to find a fun way to get the community reading -- and reading together. What better way is there than to have a new book to enjoy as a group every month?
How do you participate in Book Club? Here are your simple instructions:
1. Acquire the book.
2. Read the book.
3. Stay tuned to the CRLiterature group for discussion journals and chats.
BONUS: We will be giving out arbitrary prizes to some participants each month!

We are hoping to select books that push the community's boundaries, in terms of what we're already reading, but that will also have mass appeal. We are also going to be choosing books that are widely available across English-speaking nations (for now Book Club is English-only) and across e-reading platforms. By rotating moderators, we are hoping that selections will be diverse, both in terms of style and genre, and in terms of author background and point of view.
We are also excited at the possibility of
:iconpinkymccoversong:PinkyMcCoversong 53 261
Every moment.
"You can hear her laughter in the wind."
Closing his eyes, Leon thought he did hear laughter, sweet and lilting, sweeping across the golden wheat. Glancing at his companion, he studied Heinrich's face; the narrowed eyes, the clenched jaw.
"You miss her."
Heinrich drew a long, shuddering breath. "Every moment."
The field of wheat shimmered as wind tossed it to and fro. A bird swooped down and, catching its prey, shot up into the wide blue sky.
"Her presence is here," Heinrich whispered. "In every motion, every tick of nature. When she died, she came back here."
"This is where you met?"
"Nein. But we walked here often in our minds."
"Never in real life?"
Heinrich shook his head. "There was no need. When you spoke with her, every place looked like this."
:iconmirrasae:Mirrasae 5 10
Soft Gnarl by Stufferhelix Soft Gnarl :iconstufferhelix:Stufferhelix 34 3
A Comparison of Windows Versus Linux Architecture
A Basic Comparison of Windows and Linux Atchitecture.
Note: this is not meant to be an in-depth explanation of either Windows or Linux or their respective architectures. Rather is is meant for people with little knowledge of either, or who only have knowledge of one, to understand why these two are so different (and I admit to some bias in favor of the Linux concepts over the Microsoft one.)
The Basics:
If you know Windows, then you may have a general understanding of most of this information, but even if you are a long time Windows user, you may not know much about the internals of how it works, so this may help you.
Microsoft Windows originated from the DOS operating system. DOS stands for Disk Operating System and was meant as a method for allowing computers to access larger amounts of data than could be easily stored on RAM or ROM chips. Windows grew from DOS as the Graphical User Interface pioneered mainly by Apple became more and more prevalent.
In it's most basic sense, Windows
:iconfraterchaos:fraterchaos 8 10
Approaching Geometry by DouglasHumphries Approaching Geometry :icondouglashumphries:DouglasHumphries 385 82 Dried Blood Splatters by pstutorialsws Dried Blood Splatters :iconpstutorialsws:pstutorialsws 1,081 66 Magnetic Storm by DsyneGrafix Magnetic Storm :icondsynegrafix:DsyneGrafix 44 29 Space Oceanic by Whendell Space Oceanic :iconwhendell:Whendell 489 89 rainbow under water_2 by KaterinaRaed rainbow under water_2 :iconkaterinaraed:KaterinaRaed 353 55 What is a Fractal? by TaraRoys What is a Fractal? :icontararoys:TaraRoys 72 26 One Thing Leads To Another by Len1 One Thing Leads To Another :iconlen1:Len1 14 5 Mechanical Angel by rockgem Mechanical Angel :iconrockgem:rockgem 1,733 270 Fibonacci World by fengda2870 Fibonacci World :iconfengda2870:fengda2870 173 45 Withered Notes With Pious Canticle by eReSaW Withered Notes With Pious Canticle :iconeresaw:eReSaW 97 25 Sanguine Regis  JWildfire Series #1 by Tate27kh Sanguine Regis JWildfire Series #1 :icontate27kh:Tate27kh 49 35




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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello and welcome to my page.

For the most part, I do digital art in GIMP, Blender and Apophysis 7x (free computer art programs rock). I'm self-taught and mostly do fractals, abstract art and space-scapes. When I'm in the mood for it, I also make wallpapers out of whatever quotes or song lyrics are stuck in my head at the moment. I'd like to get more into photo-manipulation, but we'll see; I'm not comfortable enough in that medium yet to put that up here.

Enjoy my artwork and thanks for dropping by!


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