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This is awesome 👍👌👍
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wow, what a sense of scale you've captured. Brilliant.
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What a great painting with a classic feeling of adventure. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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that knight is pretty sol if the dragon just decides to roast him from there. I dont think his horse is going to charge uphill through lava ;)
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either stupid or very brave, but one am sure about, is AWESOME!
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It's just epic. I love dragons so much. ;)
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This is probably my favourite piece of yours. Layout, detail, colours, everything about it is epic - well done!
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thank you. and this took a lot time from me.
this is great!!!
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it contains very powerful image and I like it!
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I love everything except the lance.
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thank you. the lance is shit, haha
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Hi there.
I am making a strategy/ card game for my final year project in the University of Kent (UK). I was wondering if I could include this artwork in the game.

The project, at this stage, will be available for free and naturally you will hold all the rights for the image and will be creditted for your work.

If in the future there is a commercial release of the game, we can make futher arrangements if you wish.

Please let me know as soon as possible.

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of course you can use it~
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Great scene! I like the lava work too!
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Very pretty and dramatic
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Really magnificient and impressive, the play between shadows and light on the dragon's back is wonderful :)
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