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I always like it when an enemy is purified of their evil and reverts to childhood as a result.

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Aria as a child is just like Starlight as a child


*Faints from adorable ness*

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so freaking cute

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aw this is really cute!

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Oké , this is Adorable as Heck 😁
The Dazzlings look much happier when they where younger and when they would play together like what best friends should.
A shame that That can not be Canonical with the Official Franchise.
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A rare moment of not trying to seduce and hypnotize an entire school for means of world domination...
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This is so cute. I love it.
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Aww this is so cute😍
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Can i use it please
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If they were innocent and good, Sonata probably would take the lead...
can i make this base please?i credit you
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And so, the audience simply knew that these three innocent and playful young girls with hearts full of fun and laughter would one day grow to be three wicked and sinister sirens who would attack Canterlot High and fight against the Rainbooms in an epic battle of music for the fate of the world . . .
Discord (Reading 2) Plz 
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Awwww :3

So Adorable Sparkly Mabel Clapping Pony Icon - Sonata Dusk 
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How can 3 cute and adorable little children become 3 evil teenagers? The answer is Sirens! ;)
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