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*Nose bleeds from cuteness*

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Matilda references! :D

Kinda fits too since Matilda ended up having telekinesis the more she read and the more she learned.
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the librarian is lowkey WTF
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i wrote a fic based on this image. go to… to read it XD
residentsmile's avatar
Matilda reference?
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"We have a four-book-at-a-time limit"

T-Whiskers's avatar
That reminds me of the film matilda
AdanRocks's avatar
Aren't you too young to read all this porn?
RhiTES's avatar
That's so me...
DragonKing3721's avatar
Classic Twilight.
Exibittes's avatar
This is so me XD
nightshade145's avatar
Is this a Matilda ref?
shadow1333's avatar
Can i use it please
RoseQuartz1's avatar
I love the Matilda reference! :D
teddygame's avatar
this is adorable! and i love how she just has an entire wagon full of books, great style!
I love her hair style!It's really cute~
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