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rum didlittly om do!

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So, basically, these are the rules:

This is the first journal entry i've posted since 2010 O-O thats a long time!! gosh!!! :O

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 people you tag
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

First thing, I'll answer to Pot's questions:

i'm ready 

2. If you could go to any location (it can be fictional) where would you go and WHY?
WELL...i'd like to go alot of places, real France, Great Britian, Mexico, Russia, Greece, EGYPT, CHINA, Japan, Africa!! i'd probably go everywhere! HELL i want to the moon, maybe visit another galaxy...

Keep eye contact, and hold my ground, then wave my hands above my head and clap and yell to seem bigger...try to back away slowly but if i have to poke it's eyes out!!! 

4. If I asked you to make me something to eat, what would you make?
are you vegetarian? then we go from there...

5. You're suddenly a kitten, what do you do??
yes no responsibility but i hope i live in a good home with a nice owner...i'd probably sleep all day and push things off counters tehehe :3 oh yes and eat

Man i like both i'd like to explore the deep parts of the oceans...and space would be cool too i want to go see other planets...i'd have to pick space...

7. What was/is the most shameful fandom you've ever taken a part in?
Pokemon! :3 World of Warcraft, DBZ, Sailor Moon

8. Are you a firm believer in the 5 second rule?
mmmm it depends on what i drop...and where i drop it...if it's really good food it can negate some nasty floors but if the food isn't that good no i trash it but i have a beagle so...She beats me too the punch 99% of the time! 

9. Is this taking longer than you thought it was gonna take?


DRAW MORE but become a scientist or engineer... maybe take up studying law and join politics...pretty much everything

:icong-for-galdelico: questions...

1. What's your most cherished artistic day-dream? Something different from career's goals (even the more ambitious), I mean a proper fantasy that you envision and cultivate, as it would actually happen.
To illustrate some of the stories i've written before i die...

2. OCD behavior: what's yours, when it comes to your art-related workflow
when i get excited about an idea I clap my hands together and rub them together super fast almost like i'm cold or plotting to take over the world hahahahah and sometimes combined with me jumping up and down in a mini mosh pit 

3. For one day, you can be another artist. 24 hours of first-person experience of an artistic vision/art style you only had the chance to admire so far. Who you wanna be?
Honestly it's not hard to imitate someones style...and just because i was them for a day wouldn't be exciting for me cause i'm sure they have a lot of their own problems... Only if i could learn something...maybe be Michael D'angelo or something 

4. Did you ever want to do something (again, art-wise) that was so great and exciting in your mind, but turned out to be nothing short of dreadful in real life?
Drawing comics can be love and hate 

5. Kinda related to #4... Is there anything you just don't like to draw? Plain and simple. Something that gives you that 'aw crap, I don't want to do it' feeling?
I use to think that i didn't like drawing this or that...but i've grown out of that because i want to learn how to draw everything good, i defiantly have things i tend to draw more or am better at...

6. Do you ever get back to the pictures you fav here on dA?
YES all the time.. when i favorite something initially sometimes i don't have the time at that moment to really savor it's greatness so i tend to gather many things go back and look at a later time and study it 

7. What's your first drawing/creation you can clearly remember?
I drew a book called Zippy the Dog which was a simple story that illustrated as a kid. My dad has it stashed away somewhere but i wish i could find it so i could see it. I remember doing lots of simple books that i would staple together another called the 3 horses, One about Leprechaun...

8. What's the first drawing/creation that gave you a reputation among your friends, or in a completely not-professional environment?
A drawing of a unicorn! :O i dont know 

9. Unforgotten art-related nightmares. Do you have one?
O_O sometimes i have dreams i drew these great paintings and i try so hard to remember what the painting looks like so i can create it but never can remember completely how it looks...:(

10. If you could 'steal' the authorship of a videogame character's design, what would it be?
World of Warcraft just cause blizzard makes bank

:iconrocky-o: tagged me awhile back so i thought i'd just roll it all together into one LONG journal haha
these are :iconbaronmew: questions...

1. Which Pokemon would be in your ideal pokemon team! and who would join you on your journey?
I'm old school so just the first 151 pokemon! Rapidash! Dragonite! Zapados! Vaporeon! Nidoking! Cubone! :D Went for diversity :O...I'd probably be faced with other artists on Deviantart and their pokemon teams XD 

2. Favorite tea? Or other drink if you don't like tea (although you got to be pretty insane NOT to XP)
OH i use to hate tea but now i like, chamomile, lemon, pomegranate
3. What do you like to draw the most?
Women & Faces
4. Conventions you plan on going to for 2015?
Linework, Emerald city comic con, probably some others
5. Do you keep your work space messy or neat?
Neat..but sometimes messy depends on the art i'm making...

6. Favorite book? (Comic or other)
7. Favorite foreign food? (Like Thai, Brazillian or something)
Indian or Mexican
8. A life goal of yours?

...illustrate my stories before i die...learn more skills, become smarter, change the world! you know easy stuff haha
9. Favorite thing to make art with? 
Pen and paper!! :D Then my Wacom tablet 
10. I won't give you a tenth question and you can't do anything about that >: P
GOOD i'm getting tired...

These are:iconrocky-o: she asked... i think i answered too many LOL oh well
1) "What do you do"?
I do stuff! :D
2) Do you like comics? If so, what are your favorite ones?
WELL..too many to count when it comes to comics...Lady Death, Hypermaze, Ant Colony, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Kisshou Tennyo, Akira, Pirates of Coney Island, Prophet, Peach Girl, Tomie, King City, SO many more  
3) Do you like animated films? If so, what is your favorite animated film?
YES pretty much anything that is animated i'm like a little kid i always want to watch animated films...Spirited Away, Box Trolls, The Elmchanted forest, The last Unicorn, The Nightmare before Christmas, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Theif and the Cobbler, Howls Moving Castle, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, My Little Pony the Movie (1986), Yellow submarine, Serendipity, A goofy movie, sooo many more....
4) What kind of music do you listen to? And how often do you listen to music?
OH man..modern talking, 80's, disco, earth wind and fire, Evelyn King, La Roux, The Flirts, Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, Justice, Lady Gaga, Grum, Garbage, The Birthday Massacre, Madonna, chemlab, ministry, ladytron, Rick James, SOS band, Italo disco, industrial music, ace of base, aqua, Salsa music, classical, j-pop, techno, dubstep, Basshunter, Boney M, Tollywood, Peaches, Bikini Kill, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Miley Cyrus her new stuff, MIA, Le Tigre, robots in disgusie, ABBA, Donna Summer, Sharon Redd O_O pretty much everything i dont like country
5) Do you speak any other languages?
Spanish i studied it for 5 years in school, but i'm not good at speaking but i'm pretty good at listening and reading..i could be better... i'd like to be more fluent..
Telugu it a language i'm learning again can't speak but can listen 
6) If you could learn about another culture and emerse yourself in it, what culture would you choose?
ALL of the worlds cultures cause they all are cool but probably Native American, Indian, Japanese, some tribes in the amazon...
7) Who is your hero? And why?
everyone who is themselves :D good job people! 
8) If you were a vegetable or fruit, what would you be?
a avocado cause they are soo good :)
9) If you were an animal, what would you be?
A bird! fly fly! maybe a wolf would be cool..or a tiger..
10) a/s/l? :P (Lick)
28/F/oregon, USA

:iconlittle-katydid: ALSO tagged me here i go....
1.) What season is your favorite?
Fall and then Winter...Mostly cause i like wear warm clothes and snuggle up in blankets
2.) Favorite thing to wear.
Dresses lots of different colors! pretty much anything thats not black but on occasion i like black too...
3.) Favorite video game character.
All the Characters from mortal kombat do dodod dodo XD
4.) Favorite female character and why?
FAYE VALENTINE just cause i love her shes sassy and cool
5.) What is your favorite comic and why?
i've answered this one above....
6.) What is it you like about my art?
I like your facial expressions on your characters 
7.) What is your favorite thing I've drawn?    
Anything that has Yakira in it :D
8.) What is one thing I can improve upon?
practice makes perfect :D just keep trucking on my friend! 
9.) If you had to chose between water, juice or coffee, what would you chose?
water it is the essence of life
10.) If the end of the world were to happen tomorrow, what is the one thing you want to do before everything ends? 
not go to work ever again! muhahaha maybe get a gun...and shoot some stuff


1. If you could write a movie what would it be about?
2. What do you think about politics, what would you change about them? 
3. What question do you hate to answer the most?
4. If you could change one thing or do over one thing in your life what would it be? 
5. Whats your most memorable moment in your life and why?
6. What's the last picture you took with your phone?
7.What is your least favorite word?
8.What does your perfect pizza look? (toppings extra...)
9.What was the best compliment you ever received and who was it from?
10. If you could travel back in time, what time would you travel to and why?

ENJOY you can do more questions too if you'd like any from above :D just have fun guys!! 
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OMG new website layout!! I've been wanting to do that forever, still not quite done have to update more later to add more art when I have time. so check it out and tell me what you think!? XD I went with real simple clean look this time around no crazy flash either. So hopefully that's better.

X blog:
I don't mean to spam but i forgot to say!
I got a blog! check it out :)
I HAS INTERNET!!!! O_O FINALLY OH MY GOD! IT'S SO FUCKING AMAZING. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha T____T *molest DSL* it's been too long we are finally reunited!!! :heart:
Everyone needs to see the boogie hedgehog…

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Thanks you guys, You made my day.
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yay me 8D :cake: 22 today.
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i thought bout this song today.
its ridiculous
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You guys rock.
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sorry i haven't talk to you guys in journal lately, I only like to put stuff up that i think it's important....

WHO WANTS TO be a buddy pal and help michelle out with her hmk in a time of need!????

All you have you have to do to help is have a tablet, preferable a wacom, and fill out a couple questions like your profession or usage, how long do use it, do you like it, problems,what you like to see in tablets..and such

I have to do this survey on tablet users as part for a bigger project  that I'm working on in my design factors of human perception class...I wouldn't give your names away or anything it'd be personal information that be between you and me, to help me learn more the consumers view of the product and help me gain insights, cause i have to create a huge proposal for this product including value, communication audit, users reviews, anD yadda yadda yadda! it's a big project..

O_o SOUnds...FUN!!!! DOESN'T IT!!?
-___- i'm screwed

but I REALLY need some help! So please volunteer!
XD I've kinda procrastinated myself, so the sooner the better!!!
also the more variety in types of tablet users would be awesome!!

Please let me know if'd you'd be willing to help me. and I'll send you a note or email with the questions.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cause I'm so nice and you know you wanna fill out my survey!
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what would be a cool short story?
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SO 102 dalamations the live one? yeah with like gwen close. Horrible. Movie. Hahha oh my gwad lol.

That movie is brutal, holy shit there's like this whole ending sequence in the end and she gets trapped in this maze, clock work of a factory machine...and these dogs are like pulling the shots they beat the SHIT out of Cruela they like jostled her around, threw nasty water, and threw a bunch of dust and shit on her, then like mIXED her in a big ass blender, and she got caught on the spindle part and got pulled under and look like seemly CRUSHED, then they went on to destroy her some're with by throwing her around and beating her with rollar but does disney stop? HELL NO! they go all the way. They go on to her being on this flat convenderbelt scene and the dogs are trying to kill her AGAIN by fliping this AXe releaser choppy death butcher knifes SWITCH of DEATH, and they miss! and you think oh my god this is fucken insane. but no it continues. SHE falls off the convender belt of course the dog lured her but into a like railroad car type thing that goes to a gaint OVEN!!!!!!
what is this!?
this is not 102 dalmations. i did not pay to see that shit. Lol hahaha Oh fucken wait i didn't, TV movies suck.
I don't know about you guys but I ALWAYS fall for those damn tests/quizzes that are like, If you had a superpower what would it be? If you were an animal would would you be? What kind of candy are you? every damn time! I fall for it..I just spent like an hour of my life doing that for no reason.

dammit!! I wanna know what flavor of ice cream i would be!!! lol
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:cake: O.M shit I'm 21 today! :cake:
:3 pat me on the back, I made it this far!!! :O I'm going to be damn right plastered the whole weekend. We are having a big partay bash for me and jeremy my buddy who turns 26 on the 15th with a keg, sandwiches, and the whole ka-bob! killer.
Ps I love :) SMUT so draw me some cause i'm 21! hahahah! I'm kidding!
O-o its april 12th for me but stupid DA has a different time!
Super hugs and kisses to all

:star: Extremely Talented People  :star:

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