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continue.... might upload a brief story outline or some kind of explanation in the future
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He-e-e-ey. Wait a second, that's from Destiny concept art! You've stolen Bungie's copyrightDon't mess! 
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he's the one who drew it, some idiot just found it on the internet and put it in a group with other, ACTUAL pictures concept art for destiny and claimed it was by bungie.
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Really awesome piece
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Loving the helmet to the right.
Wasn't this Destiny concept art?
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That looks really awesome dude
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Really awesome piece, thanks for uploading!
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I would have to say my favorite part is the hexagon casing reflexion on the glass. I can so feel build in the moment. Thank you for creating it.

Inspired Tale; This is what we have dream. A day when Pedro would no longer have a hold on us. We have hide our skill and innovations. My brothers and I we maybe few. We know that at end of this fight he will feel the sting and pain our family felt all thous years. Genetic distortion that is him will be displayed to day for all. We move with support a divine mission. Failing this is not part of our being. Four century is a long time to be king.
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Lol, Bungie loves your stuff, too!

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1up if you're here because of Bungie's Destiny :D
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1up a comment on deviantArt?
Right then.
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heh. I came and loved this long before I was aware of "Destiny".

and then I was looking at this new game, saw this picture as concept art I had seen months ago, and went "My god. I know that picture."

0800, I hope you post more for us in the future!
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Yup, all this time and I'm only just finding out now. I think they've got a good guy for the job.
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My guess is they saved it to use for reference. It's probably a good representation of what one of the artists was thinking.
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I love! awesome
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"We'll be back in time for dinner crew, let's rock and roll"
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One day, this will be.
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Looks absolutely brilliant! Great perspective and lighting too :)
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Great composition...excellent style!
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