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Holy CRAP this is amazing!!!!!! Beautiful work!!!
SculptressPanteonica's avatar
amazing work! id be stupid not to take notice of the details and take in what I can from the great details. 
functional and realistic, I also love your style!
7APTARSHI's avatar
awwwww !!!!!! i thought 3D :D
Jeffromelun's avatar
Your work is so detailed, man...woOOOw! Impressive!
What a wonderful piece of work! really special.
Has a functional authority that is inspiring.
Really impressive.
luyannan's avatar
COOL!  This looks like painting.  I'm curious what digital process is used?
gdpr-18918873's avatar
it is a painting with the use of photos and textures
CrisRaidanArt's avatar
Como mierda haces para dibujar estas cosas... Son impresionantes.
Spifmo's avatar
holy fucking shit 
ARBAX's avatar
amazing suit...:D
minibabe81's avatar
omg!!super kewl
chibichiquita's avatar
Wow! Very detailed!
beefers's avatar
giving the suit no folds or joints make it appear to be rigid and inflexible.
you're blind and stupid. there are folds, look closer. on the thigh for example, where the seams intersect. and where the module is installed into the suit on the forearm. plus, the suit covering looks like it's made from a rubber or neoprene-like material in terms of texture, so it makes sense that there are less prominent folds. there is also a type of high elasticity webbing material in the armpits and joints. other factors that affect the look of folds is the lighting. in this instance, it's a soft diffuse lighting.
beefers's avatar
hahaha... blind and stupid?  Saying a pressurized space suit would be made from rubber or neoprene is MUCH smarter.

Think before you call you someone stupid.  You might end up looking stupid yourself.
VisualEmotion's avatar
but in space, the suit would be inflated, and as he/she is standing up, there probably would be no folds, which makes this more realistic.
beefers's avatar
that makes no sense. 
VisualEmotion's avatar
when you fill a beach ball with air, does it have wrinkles? no.  same for a spacesuit. a spacesuit is inflated, making it not have any folds.
beefers's avatar
have you ever tried to bend a beach ball when it's full of air?  Space suits aren't inflated, they are pressurized, there is a difference.  And unless you are talking about two solid objects connected via a hinge, there will ALWAYS be wrinkles or folds when something bends.  Even when you bend a steel bar, the inside curve wrinkles... that's just physics, friend.
11meister's avatar
It's more surface distortion and material properties than physics...but you're right. 
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