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Emissary class



This 3d model is a recreation and interpretation of one of my favourite ship designs in Star Trek Online:
The mighty Emissary class!

What I really like about this ship is how it blends the saucer and engineering sections into one fluid "unit" which continues the trend started with the Intrepid and Sovereign pretty well I think.

However there were still some things which bugged me about the original ingame mesh, especially the odd texturing and geometry ontop of the saucer
aswell as the rather low number of escape pods
and the fact that the nacelles were placed "below" the saucer which is a feat more common to smaller Starfleet ships like the Miranda or the Akira.

So I took the liberty to change those those self-proclaimed flaws and fixed them with my model here.

I should also note that the texture is completely handdrawn with Gimp and that I made the model using Blender with nothing more than ingame screenshots as a reference(not that I had any choice here :P )
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I like, except the nacelles look a lot like jet engines......