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pretty much insanely AWESOME!!!
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love your work you are great
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You put a request for Other Oldskool in 8 Bit Art, since I am the second Maintainer, as Breeze isn't around anymore, I am asking Define the Platform, before I accept. Thanks.
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Good question, I just found out that x86 (I used colors and design style from Norton Commander, MS-DOS) allways was 16-bit (and higher) platform, so actually it's not suitable for this group. Sorry to trouble you.
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Okay, a close friend got a x86 pc in 1996, and it is 32bit I pressume, I got myself a Playstation1, aswell 32bit back then. Keep pixeling, and better luck next time. ;)
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Great! But have no idea how it'll work animated.
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I haven't too, but will try to animate it.
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cant wait for this thing to drop
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good to see you're still working away on this. keep it up!
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Здорово... Очень хочется чтобы игра вышла.
А на кикстартеры всякие выходить не хочешь? Нет возможности?
Если игра не выйдет, хотя бы мульт-короткометражку запили, что ли.
08--n7R6-7984's avatar
Честно говоря не очень хочу, но возможно таки пойдем, благо возможность такая есть. Игра выйдет скорее всего, а в виде короткометражки как раз выпускать не так интересно.
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