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Art Collab - Sunset at Paris

Art Collab with TougeDrifting85 :icontougedrifting85:

//Derpy mini rp I made up x'D
Akari: ...Hm... Emoji30 by Emoji-icon
Ataru: //sees Akari// ....?? Akari...? 
Akari: //looks around// Areh...? ...Ah! Ataru-san...!? 
Ataru: Yo! 
Akari: Uwahh... Haha, hiya! My goodies, and you came at the right moment too!! Kao Emoji-01 (Banzai Hurray) [V1] by Jerikuto
Ataru: //tilts head// What...? 
Akari: Watch the sunset with me! Emoji07 by Emoji-icon
Ataru: What, from here? 
Akari: Noo.... Of course not here. I'm going to take you to the top of the tower! 
Ataru: By the time we get there, the sun will already be gone, kono baka. 
Akari: Eh... Ah... Oh...Crai by Emoji-kun
Ataru: ...Well... If you only walk, that is... - w - 2 by Emoji-kun
Akari: Oh... Then... Can we run right now?? Emoji40 by Emoji-icon

Awesome art collab! ;v; XD Touge-san did a fine job with some lineart and perspective edits. c: And his character Ataru. *7*) Don't you guys think so? Lol and I did the coloring and stuff. xD hurhur

Art (c) MissAkariDood & TougeDrifting85 
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The dusky sky is so pretty! Well, everything is! Kao Emoji-58 (Heart Beat Kyun) [V3] 
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dflkgkdfgl <3333 ;v; Thankies!
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This masterpiece!
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//not worthy pliz omg fleesveon-sama
thanks so much sdkfjkldsfd <333333 ////v\\\\)b
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all of this is so cute :heart:
the rp is so cute i just asdlkfas;
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asdksdj thankiessss ;v; <3333 
hahaaa <33 fdkjksdfg 
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ooo very pretty! n u n
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Thankies! <333 ;v;
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Romantic. I like it :)
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Aww thankies! <333 ;v; ""
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This is so pretty!
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x'D Thankiesssss! <3333
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Thankies! <3333 ;v;
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How romantic)
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hueeee xDD thankies! <3 ewe)
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