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Finally finished my first example of my first closed species ;//^//;
The name of the species is ''Kaikacho'', im not going to write much about the species here right now
however i will write everything down very soon~ ;v;
though, if you have any questions feel free to ask me~ ;A;

My first example here, is going to be one i keep for myself ;v;
her name is Fei Yen and im already so in love with her. 
always wanted a white/pink character like this akajsd ;//___//; 
Anyways, enjoy! 

Art, character & species 
© Nairuuh 

Kaikacho is a closed species, which means you are not allowed to make your own without my permission
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© 2016 - 2020 02Nai
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Hello! Sorry for the delay. I currently own her.

Proof: https://toyhou.se/1092933.---natsumi-/ownership/log

Do you happen to have more information on the species?

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hello my dearest! I just wanted to pop in and inform you that this precious girl has been rehomed to firead <3
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Hello dear!/////
ahh thank you for letting me know ;; <333
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Ugggh, I want to make my own so bad ; w ; please tell me how much it will cost or if it is for free nhhh
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Uwaah~!! ;; A ;; //honored that you want one//
one MYO costs 1300 :points: 
1500 :points: if you want to use my base q v q
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Hnn..okay! ; A ; I'm gonna save up some points!! ; v ;
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Alright! ;; v ;; do you want me to reserve a slot for ya? 
then you can contact me whenever you have the points? ~ <3
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Yes please! I want a slot with base please ; v ;
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I reserved a slot for you! ;//w//; note me whenever you have the payment dear~ <3
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oh my lord, i need an oc from your species, this is absolutely GORGEOUS and sO prettY, i'm dying a little bit inside q O q !! ~
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Ahhh~! i would be honored to have you join my closed species ;; A ;; <3
MYO slots er åben, men jeg åbner også op for custom slots snart ;; w ;; men kun to slots (lazy af orz) 
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link me, link me ; v ;; !! <3 
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I will send it to you on skype huee~ ;// v //; <3
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These are soooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute ;^;
Can I please have/make one?
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Yes! ; v ; i will note you~
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aiurgnqierhgqerg-- I AM LOST FOR WORDS SHES SO CUTE
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These are very cute!
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Thank you! ;//v//;
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omG this species is adorable ug
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Ahhh thank you so much! ;// 7 //; <3 im so glad you think so akhsjds <3
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aHH I love lOVE butterflies/wings/flowers on species I jUST CANT
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I love butterflies and flowers so i really wanted to try and make a species that had those two things combined hehe~
im so glad you like them ;// ^ //;

Hopefully there will come more members soon, since i will be opening MYO slots and Custom slots soon~ ; v ;
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