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rainbow dash

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just my girlfran nbd
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SkylardesuHobbyist Traditional Artist
What brushes do u use? :3
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Haha oh my, this is sooooo awesome!!!!
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FyathasHobbyist General Artist
I love how she has a tattoo on her arm, that seems to fit her personality. She looks very sporty.
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y is she a he
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she's not?? she has breasts in this picture.
BAPOGICHI's avatar
thats an adorable rainbow dash omg
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love354398Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my God!!
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InsaneSanity813Hobbyist General Artist
I already planned to do the rainbow Mohawk but this works too~
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SoSugoiProfessional Filmographer
I don't even really like MLP, but your fan art is fan (no pun intended)-fucking-tastic.
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AzureWarriorStudent Digital Artist
Awesome! <3
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I'm cosplaying this, I must
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too butch. 1/10. would not hug.
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KrossAmongstHobbyist General Artist
Thank god or whomever you worship! Now I have a PERFECT image of what my mind was barfing for my cosplay! Thank you!
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Hannahbelle-the-MinkStudent Traditional Artist
This Dash kicks ass! So much, to the point where I made my comment rhyme.
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i love this! this is how i see Rainbow Dash and now, i want to cosplay her...i balm you! LOL
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she looks awesome.
Dash is definitely one of my faves of the Mane 6, and I love what you did with her. Even her fingernails have rainbows =D
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DeadGirlsLikeMeStudent General Artist
really great design! one bit of crit, i don't think rainbow dash is a nail polish kind of girl, that seems very high maintenance for her tomboy personality type.
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frostfang01Hobbyist General Artist
This is so amazing! I love all the colors and her design<3
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ChoklitdaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
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ImperialPoisonHobbyist Traditional Artist
So cool! I wish more people would give human rainbow dash short hair. I think it fits her better.
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KianaTheWarewolfStudent Filmographer
Ohhh Never mind...
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dancingintheinkStudent General Artist
Dear you,
You are amazing.

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immadonutHobbyist General Artist
Thought you made her a guy at first until I noticed the bumps on her chest.
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