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AT - Ame

AHHHH my first ever art trade completed : D
I was so super happy to be able to draw mufflins' suuuuuuper cute character, Ame<33
(ghostie species owned by CHARIKO)
Somehow I wonder if I did her adorable fluffiness justice, but hmm that's something for me to work on for the future I guess =v=-
In any case-- an AT full of purple cuties is complete :thumbsup:
I hope you like it!!

Her amaze part:
AT - Purple Cat by mufflins

Oh & at that -- If we're watching each other, let me know if you'd like to do an AT~<3

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Do you do requests
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No, sorry ^^
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How adorable!
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Thank youu :heart: :3
S3rb4n's avatar
You're welcome!
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So adorable and beautiful!! <33
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Thank you<333 TvT
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eyy awesome :D
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Thanks!!! ^_^
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ah no problem :)
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Senpaaaai T----T
I adore it so much, like look AT THAT CUTE FACE <3333
And those sleeves just add up to the cuteness uwaaaa *q*
She looks so lovely, I'm so happy with this!! > v <
Thank you sooo much for this <3333 *3*
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AAA I'm glad that you like it<33
I had some troubles with it at the start and was so scared for the fate of my first AT lolol

In the end, thank you v much for the trade!! *_* I had a lotta fun drawing Ame, plus was a good first experience :3<3
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Yass, I really enjoyed it <33
Btw, could you credit CHARIKO as the owner of Ghostie species? ouo
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Oh yep, I'll do that now : O
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