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Following up my previous journal, I have calculated the factors (Time needed to draw, regional work hours, regional minimum wage, etc) and therefore here are the new prices starting January 2019.


  1st Style, 2nd Style, and Mimicking Alenonimo's style:

   Patricia Colton by 00m  Penelope 'Penny' Elwood by 00m 

Mature Content

Strawberry Peril by 00m
  Sawed Sawyer by 00m  Penny Practicing by 00m

   Cheryl Evercold by 00m  Mel Rose's City Outfit by 00m  Another (boring) School Day by 00m  Comic Test Cover by 00m 

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Fishing The Nail by 00m
  Mary's Trip by 00m

   Lily by 00m 

Mature Content

Smiling Worse by 00m

Mature Content

Magic Vs Technology by 00m
  Frozen Rose by 00m
  • Base price: $10
  • Includes one character and simple background
  • Additional $8 for each additional character. Maximum of 3 additional characters.
  • Complex background: Between $4 - $8, depending.
  • 20% Discount if all characters in the picture are my original characters. (Only applies for multi-character pictures)

  Anime style:
   Sit Back and Relax by 00m 

Mature Content

Penny And The Cursed Tree (Gagged) by 00m

Mature Content

Picked Rose by 00m

Mature Content

Muffled Rose by 00m
  Mel Rose Alt Clothing by 00m 

Mature Content

Unfortunate Mishap by 00m

Mature Content

Gorilla in Captivity by 00m

  • Base price: $16
  • Includes one character and simple background
  • Additional $12 for each additional character. Maximum of 2 additional characters
  • Complex background: Between $4 - $8, depending.
  • 10% Discount if all characters in the picture are my original characters. (Only applies for multi-character pictures)

    Imminent Danger by 00m   Kidnapped Girl 1 by 00m  Kidnapped Girl 3 by 00m  Rose Tortured by 00m  Penny's Suspension by 00m
  • $6 per character, regardless which style
  • Very simple background, if at all

  • I'm not accepting trades for the time being

Terms and conditions:
  • I prefer to draw girls, but I still can draw boys depending on conditions to be negotiated.
  • I like drawing Damsel in Distress (DID) pictures that does not tend towards sexual terms.
  • don't draw pornographic things, males in bondage, gore and similar unsanitary stuff, nudity or anything close to that, and anything that is too hot for dA.
  • I reserve the rights to decline commission orders and trade offers for any reason
  • I accept Points. Multiply the price by 80 in that case.
  • You can pay at your convenience, but I encourage you to only pay me after I present you the lineart at least. If you pay me early and then by chance something bad happens to me, it'll be a hassle to get your money back.
  • I don't draw on weekends, so there will be no progress made during that time.
Questions And Answers:
  • Where is 3rd Style?
  • The only difference between 3rd style and Anime style is the way I draw and color the eyes. You still can ask me to draw the eyes that way if you want.
  • What is the borderline between simple and complex background?
  • If you have to write a full paragraph to describe the background, it is probably complex. For reference, so far the only complex background picture I have drawn is this: 

Mature Content

Gorilla in Captivity by 00m

        Mainly because of the perspective and also the foreground/background objects. Without the boxes, table, and the objects on them, it would be still a simple background

Paypal Stamp by artist4com


A Nightmare to Remember
Some people say a dream is just a dream.
Some people say a dream is a manifestation of subconscious thoughts.
Some people say a dream can be an omen.
People have differing opinions on the matter.

For Olivia Colton, the dream she once had in the past was a mystery.
When she came to, she found herself strapped on a wheelchair in a rickety corridor, completely unable to move.
Her twin, Patricia, was next to her with the same predicament.
She was scared and crying, calling for help over and over.

They said that in your dream, you are the boss. You can bend reality however you want and make anything happen.
But it was not the case for Olivia. She couldn't free herself from the shackles no matter how hard she tried.

And just suddenly, in the middle of her struggle, she felt a sting near her neck.
Her consciousness began to fade rapidly, and as this happened, a person she could not recognize began wheeling Patricia away.
"Ollie! Sis!"
"Help me!"

Patricia's wail was the last thing Olivia remembered before she completely lost her consciousness.
Immediately, Olivia's eyes snapped open. She gasped for air, and a few seconds later she realized that it had been just a dream.
She was on a hospital bed, undergoing treatment for her blood cancer, which thankfully never had any chance to grow fatal.

"What a nightmare..."

Olivia thought like that, feeling relieved that it was all just a dream.
However, it never came to her mind...
...that Patricia went missing on that day and was never found again...


Commission #6 in 2019
Commissioned by a person who wishes to remain anonymous.
Thank you for the opportunity.
A lightning strike fried my PC.
Just great... Rage 

The good news is, I only need to replace the power supply rather than the whole PC.
A Getaway in Jeopardy
It all began when a logging company settled into the forest, seeing the forest as a prospective location for logging operations. In an effort to protect the forest, Penny and Felicia fought off the logging team that came to the area for inspection.

Several days later, they heard that there was another group of loggers coming to continue their operations. They got ready for an attack, only for this time, instead of just loggers, a private security group hired by the company showed up and neutralised them on the spot. The little prisoners were promptly bound with professional-grade restraints, with Felicia being muzzled for their safety.

In captivity, both Penny and Felicia got a quite harsh treatment from the logger crews they had beaten up before. Penny could persevere, but Felicia was not as mentally strong as her, leaving her quite traumatized. Penny decided that they both must escape from the place as fast as possible.

Later that night, with some forced druid magic despite the metals on her, Penny managed to unlock the doors of their confinement room and sneaked out with Felicia. None of them were able to get free from the restraints, so they had to escape while still being bound by chains and shackles, with the addition of the metal muzzles on Felicia's face.

Somehow, they managed to escape unnoticed into the forest. However, the trek through the forest was overwhelmingly difficult with the restraints on them. After a while Penny decided for both of them to rest under a tree.

However, their rest didn't last long. Penny could hear the noise of people at a distance, and she also noticed a bunch of lights from flashlights aiming around. They were pursued. Penny began to worry at her situation. With the metals on her, she didn't have enough magic power to cast any significant spell. Felicia, unable to transform into weretiger, fell into despair and began crying under the metal muzzle, which already made her hard to breathe to begin with.

The situation looks bleak. How will they get out of it?


Commission #5 in 2019
Commissioned by a person who wishes to remain anonymous.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Abducted Kids
Almond Cookie and his friends felt adventurous in a summer day, and so they decided to go for a trip to unknown places. They visited a part of a town which common people rarely go to, just for the sake of exploring. Little did they know that there was a reason for the particular area being rarely passed through by people.

The next thing he knew was the fact that he woke up on a bed feeling dizzy with steel cuffs on his wrists and ankles. The other kids were also in the same room, which was a locked room with barred windows, one bed, and nothing else. They all were restrained the same way he was, so it was easy to conclude that they all have been kidnapped. Lunaris was crying out of her fear, Mango was trying to calm Lunaris down, saying that someone will save them, while Marble was trying to ram the door open, which seemed to be futile so far.

From the light coming in from the barred window, it was hard to tell whether it was currently dawn or dusk. There was no telling about the perpetrator's motive for doing this either since Almond didn't remember anything other than the vague memory he had of having been chloroformed from behind.

One thing he knew was that the villains knew nothing about him, because such mundane restraint won't ever work on him. He just needed a few more minutes to recover from the headache, and everyone will be home free.


Commission #4 in 2019
Commissioned by a person who wishes to remain anonymous.
Thank you for the opportunity.
Trapped in Dungeon
It all started out as an innocent camping trip into the woods. Persimmons and Peach Steusel set up their camp and played various games, gathered berries, and put up a campfire. Unfortunately, the land they were camping on turned out to have an owner, and this land lord was not known for his kindness.

Soon the landlord's servants chased the kids, and Peach was caught first. Persimmons was also caught after a failed rescue attempt. After the girls were brought to him, instead of calling the rangers or police, the land owner decided to lock them up in an underground dungeon on his chateau's basement. The servants were not merciful-heavy shackles were clamped onto the children' wrists and ankles, and they got locked behind steel bars with only a single light bulb as illumination. Several hours have passed and Persimmons is still thinking hard to find a solution to all of this, while Peach regrets suggesting coming to a camping trip in the first place.


Commission #3 in 2019
Commissioned by a person who wishes to remain anonymous.
Thank you for the opportunity.


Sandy T.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Refer to this journal for my price list:…



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DarkAnimeeny Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019

Tagged by :iconemperorsimba:


1. Post These Rules.
2. Post 9 Facts About Your Character.
3. Tag 9 Other People; Post Their Avatars & Write Their OC's Names Next To Them.

 OC: Hikari/Leela


1. I consider them as the same girl actualy because when Leela had 10 years old I use Her as model to drawing Hikari Inspired in Her Personality and outfit style( I usualy drawing Hikari at the begining as a girl as 19 years old girl ) giving Hikari some specific details for make them individuals( When Leela reach 19 years old I redraw and re imagined Hikari as a little girl of 12 years old, my favorite version at Her and still drawing Her that way and in just some special cases She and Leela as 22 years old girls... By the way Leela has actualy 32 Years old actualy )

2. Hikari and Leela have many matchs between them obvious reason because I drawing usualy with the same outfits... Specialy Both ae cluless, both ever likes and feel inspired to help others includes if they can be affected or have troubles( Because Leela is realy altruist and generous ) But their diferences are Hikari are not interested in boys( Except if are smart and likes help people ) Leela fall in love easly by Boys of interesting personality or misterious... Hikari have a little complex about Her breast... Notlikes seen herself for that reason in bikinies and feels annoyed between gig breast girls includes if She try not thinks about that. Leela not worries about Her body includes if She knows is a bit chubby and She thinks can be posible sharing that to other girls but keepts their opinions about Hikari´s cbreast complex for not hurt their feelings or sensibility

3. Hikari can speak perfectly english and some other lenguages( So sorry for my ability to try express She trought me... Maybe usualy for that reason is because I drawing Her gagged)... Leela for be inspired in a mexican girl have spanish as Her first lenguage and keept speaking english with Hikari for cn understand them mutualy But She is interested in medicine and science meanwhile Hikari is more interested in workout and sports. Includes with all their diferences and some times they have many opinion diferences at the point of take their own way for resolve something but both have a big tender hearted personality includes if they are not in the same opinion about ho can resolve something.

4. Hikari loves the oportunity to use their skills for show She is realy competent includes if She have not idea sometimes of how can make somethingregardless the opinionof Leela who is ready with a palm or cell phone for can access quickly information or misc data about any theme. Hikari is hyperactive and realy faster to offer Herself to support or aid in Her school activities not just the cheerleaders club with Her friend Tina. Leela meanwhile usualy in Her free timeis a baby sitter or expends Her time with Her best friend Betty in activities arround the city and sometimes studying and beign confident of their near friends.

5. Originaly I create Hikari characther for be a kind of nasty sorcerer who likes caught spirits or people with magical attitudes for analize them( I drawing Her usualy before be Hikari as You known Her actualy but inspired either in Leela ) But Hikari have not actualy any special qualities or powers of any kind, except Her life attitude and amount of energy what She expends and uses with some acrobatic skills( But still in a normal human level ) Leela also as "Herself" I includes Her in the continuity and vinculate ocationaly in some sketches with Hikari for alternate and learn at Her and be Her support for She not ends as a comic relief sometimes because is more quiet and take it easy, if something can I say about my dear Leela is She have a tremendous good luck includes if She not noticed by their clueless personality

6. I love drawing them and most drawing them with another OC´s who I love, likes or apretiate as a sample of friendship and honest interest at those OC´s... Includes if that implicates drawing them in time paradoxes, time, ages and diferent context at their owns. But that implicates of course also that is a kind a crossover without any effect post those crossovers... But their more posible side effects are they involved in mysteries, problems and adventures what means they need change their outfits sometimes or diguis... The little problem is in the case of Hikari She don´t likes wearing bikinies, mini dresses, dresses or skirts of any kind ( She is actualy a bit tomboy )Meanwhile Little Leela loves disguises and have not problem except as in the same opinion of Hikari about bikinis( She is pretty shy about that kind of wearing ) but all be for help somebody else and Her friend Hikari

7. Hikari and Leela represents many ideals and good wishes  I have by the original inspiration Leela gives Me many memorable situations and stories what make me laugh, learn and understand things about Myself... trought stories and situations I had with Leela, Sam and Betty( Sam and Betty are some at the friends of Leela in the real life and I met them trought Hikari ) I never imagined I can have that kind of situations where I an learn and understand so much things I never figurated... Includes when I have my own experiences those stories help Me incress my will, my knowledge or simply humor and fun... But I have the weakness to drawing them tied and gagged maybe because I feel as I can restraint and keept those marvelous moments in my memories and not leave them go...

8. And talking about never let them go... Leela and Hikari hates been tied and gagged likes I usualy drawing them... Hikari is hyperactive and not likes berestraint... She inmediatly becomes mad and the reson because usualy become firmly gagged is for Her horrible words and lenguage what use against their captorsthe last usualy have in Her mind is call Help or say somebody Help Me in those cases... Usualy Leela have not the oportunity of say anything at least because She feels deeply scared and just when She is gagged is when she have any idea of what say or She must had scream or ask help meanwhile been grabbed... Because usualy thinks too much before act and when both are together She must be who find the way of scape quickly

I tag:

zacharyknox222 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Can you look at my request of Raya100's OCs?

Mature Content

Request: Rara, Natsa, Shye and Stelle stored by DarkPilcrow
cartoonbondage101 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2018  Student Digital Artist
happy birthday
Usyra Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2018
Happy birthday!
Supersprite65 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 30, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
0w0 does my eyes trick me? Could it be? >w<
A StrawberryShortcake fan of the 2003-2007 series?? 0w0

*shakes your hand rapidly* Nice to meet you, I'm Sprite. And I'm also a fan of the series >w<
I've watch the show ever since I was about 5 to 13 years old ^w^ and I do still watch some of the episodes, and they are still great as always ^^

Btw you draw them so well I gotta admit, I did draw Strawberry before  I berry berry berry berry like you by Supersprite65 >w<
it's a somewhat new pic I know, but I wanted to see if I nailed it finally. And I did ^^

nice meeting you dude ^u^
00m Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, the 2003-2007 version of the series is the one I like the best. The pretty down-to-earth slice of life format suits me well and quite a lot of the problems tackled are relatable. Also, they have great music.

Trivia: I began to like the series just because the melody of the opening song (a small part of it) is very similar to a Phil Collins song, whom I'm a fan of.

You did well I say. My drawings of the characters (official or fan characters) are merely copying the drawing style of the official. Also gotta admit that some of the earlier drawings are merely traced screenshot.
ShifgtyTheDingoDude Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you do point comissions? 
00m Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As of now, yes I do.
ShifgtyTheDingoDude Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How much do you charge? I got 19 points
00m Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Since $1 equals 80 points and the cheapest I can do is $6, that means 480 points for my cheapest commission.
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