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Hello! As you had probably noticed, i thought a lot about deleting my account, one of the major reasons for this being the fact that i had a lot of old deviantions, a lot of cleaning to do that would've gone very slowly because for some reason deviantart does not have a mass delete option. But...i didn't want to lose contact with all of the people i've interacted with here and lose my progress. So, slowly i managed to clean up my page( i hope you guys got enough time to save the art you liked) and decided against deleting my account. That being said, i don't know how much I'm going to be active in the future. You see, long story short, I'm currently still a student and working my way towards becoming a vet. I still draw from time to time but it's mostly personal stuff that i don't even consider worth posting. You can imagine that i had very little time to draw and even when I did, the stress prevented me from being in a relaxed stated of mind where i could freely paint without the
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Hello everyone, I'm going to delete my account soon. If you want to save stuff from it, now is your chance. Take care ❤️
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You dream something so beautiful but in the morning forget almost everything I remember it was about watching a movie about Diana from lol ( funny cause i rarely dream of her) but it was so beautiful, the actress was gorgeous and everything she was saying was so relatable i started crying in my sleep. I completely forgot about the contents except for the beginning where she was pictured as one of those Roman statues, as if she died but was remembered as a hero(hm maybe i'll make a drawing based on this).  I woke up when i wanted to watch the movie a second time and my bro told me i'll be late for school, damn shouldn't have listened to him!
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