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I was just testing my 9 Skies brush set :D

created in CS3 (in about half an hour or so...)

River: :iconmiloartdesign:
Lightning: :iconsb-photography-stock:
Rain and birds: :iconredheadstock:
Tree: [link]
...and sky: me :XD:
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Hi AD,

I downloaded your mountain brushes, and I'm in the process of downloading your skies as I type this. Thanks so much for both. I have Terragen and use it occasionally, but if I can find simpler ways to create my backgrounds...well, I'm lazy and not afraid to admit it.

I know you only spent a half an hour on your Stormy image, but if you wouldn't mind a well-intended critique...

The depth of field is wrong for both the lightning and the birds. What makes it wrong is the mist over the stream.

The birds would work if they were high up in the sky, say the upper RH corner, but down low like they are they should be obscured by the mist, which is thick enough to obscure rocks in the stream, and they are very close to the camera.

The same applies to the lightning. Where it passes behind the mist, you should fade it out so the depth of the image remains true to the eye. Right now, it looks like the lightning is close enough to touch the rock.

As for the lightning "lighting up" the clouds, that is also important to the realism of the image. On the cloud layer, try: Filter>Render>Lighting Effects. Choose the Omni light, and play with the different size, intensity, and ambient levels until you get something that looks right. Also, you might want to move the lightning so its origin is in the dark cloud.

Sorry to carry on so, but this image could be very striking (pun intended) if the little details were worked out.

See ya, and thanks again for the brushes!
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Thanks a lot for your help! Working in PS is kinda new to me, so I make mistakes by not paying enough attention to details, especially the lighting. Hopefully it'll get better with practice.
And thanks for downloading my brushes!
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Wow, this is so cool! This reminds me classic oriental painting.
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Like the mood in this image.
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Wow - beautiful! Excellent!
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Well, let me say that I really like that speed artwork of yours - but it has thunder & lightning in it, so that won't surprise you. :D

Love the composition, and the stormy atmosphere. Only the birds do not fit in, somehow... but they're so small, it's no big deal. :nod:
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the birds are far-far away :D :D :D
thank you :aww:
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Reminds me of yesterday's weather.

It would look more realistic if the lightning would cast some light on the surrounding clouds.
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not just yesterday's weather =\ :D
yeah it definitely would look better but I need to practice much more for that lol
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