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I've always wanted to make a good looking scene with AsileFX's awesome Jungle plant pack, but I either didn't have time, patience or a stable, bugless software :XD: ....but here it is, though I still have problems with GR. Here I had to give atmo and AA settings a boost to reduce grains, so this scene took more than 3 hours to render at custom user settings (with higher AA quality).

Rendered in Vue 8 Infinite;
Minor postwork in PS CS4

Thanks for viewing! :)
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love them both. For me the vibrant greens of the foliage feels like a connected entity, it flows. The other seems different, perhaps more realistic but not as drawing in. Wonderfull works.
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I really like this, good job! :)
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Beautiful. Where was this taken (country, location)?
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Simply stunning. So I had to add it to my "All things green" mini feature in my journal!
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Amazing work! :D one question, I just started out in vue and I was wondering how you get your renders to look so soft, because my trees always have hard edges and argh! It's annoying!

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Thank you!

The softness of the renders depend on Anti-aliasing settings, and these settings depend on the type of scene you're working on :D
Take a look at this >> [link] - some tips on atmo and render/AA settings for several types of scenes :)
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Thanks! :D Still, my renders come out with sharp edges, but I suppose it's better than the last! Thanks again and keep up the great group! :)
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Unbelievably amazing. You should work for movie companies as special effect master!
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Tosi kauniita nämä sinun maisemarendailut.. Kyllä kelpaa katsella.. =P
Whoah! I really love your style!
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Sweet! The foreground tree looks very nice. All scene is cool :)
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I'm like... having seizures at all the rampant awesome in your gallery.
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wow what a show! :wow:
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wow... what a lovely scene...
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Excellent, fantastic Atmospherics
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awesome i hope 2 do something as good soon
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omg you're like a vue god about to favorite everything you have
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Featured in [link] - SANCTUARY :gallery:
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outstanding graphic!
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