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EDIT: I hardly could sleep after the comments & critiques on those awful mountains on the right, so I just had to fix them =| :D
I hope it looks better now...
Thanks for your help!


Another totally random high-poly (52 820 272 422) scene ...though I think I've never made a scene with these lighting/atmospheric effects; the sun has just begun to rise behind the camera =D

Rendered in Vue 7.5 Infinite
Clouds: AsileFX

Thanks for viewing! :)
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Completely Astounding!
Love it!
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How on earth do you do this????? I just can't beleave it aint a photo... I've seen about 10 other pictures now and you leave me in aawwwwww, behind my desk. Fantastic art!!! :clap:
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excellent work i must much time it took to render...and what r ur pc configurations..???
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I`m not into nature 3D stuff , but I must say your works are amazing :clap:

blue-eyed-assasin's avatar
That's stunning! Well done!
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really good lighting work here. :)
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Good scene, but with something of fantasy or sci fi constructions... this will look more awesome :D
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Stunning. The light, atmosphere and terrain detail are unbelievable. :worship: Is the low cloud/mist a cloud layer?

Maybe make the tree line less distinct and the nearest clouds could be a touch sharper and more detailed in texture but the latter is definitely a matter of taste.
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this is superb :omfg:

the mountains looks so nice, love the material!! :)

awesome job kincsem :heart: :huggle: :cuddle: :tighthug:
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*is jealous of you*
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incredibly inspiring.
David-A-Wagner's avatar
Knocked my socks off!!! :clap:
David-A-Wagner's avatar
:) You're welcome! :rose:
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Nice terrain and image depth.
The only thing that I see that could be corrected is the tree distribution. There should be trees higher up in the mountains, at least a few rogue ones.
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Thank you & thanks for the tip!
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Updated version is excellent! Kudos!
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This is such a beautifull piece. I can really feel the atmosphere there. Colors are gorgeous too.
Though, there are some things about Vue that doesnt allways fit well, don't really know why. For example the two mountains on the right ( the one at the foreground, and the one on the background) look more real than the other too on the left, wich look more Vue-ish

Don't take this comment wrong. I absolutly love this, and it's a definite :+fav: ;)
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Thank you! :) ...yeah, probably because the terrains on the left are standard terrains, and those on the right are procedural terrains, so they're more detailed and I had more control over them.
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well you definetly have to use procedual terrains. they look far way better than standard! :D
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