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Dawn in the Valley

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I was inspired by a photo of a rocky place in the undisturbed nature; the first rays of the sun were shining through the early dawn mist among the bright green spring trees...
Made in the pre-release version of Vue 8.5 Infinite; minor post in PS CS4.
Many thanks to my *KnowYouAre for finding a title :)

Thanks for viewing! :)
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Marvellous detail. Great use of colors.
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I actually thought this was a real place at first glance. It's still hard tell unless I look extremely hard. This is very beautiful.
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Incredible work. That pink plant is a great focal point.
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You work is very inspiring. I am looking forward to see more pictures.
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that really looks nice =)

Wanna do holidays there <3
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:wow: You mean this *isn't* a photo?! You could have fooled me! Wow, this is spectacular! The lighting, the colours; just...wow ^_^!
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Nice shot, the camera placement of this is really good.. gives a sense of scope to the mountains.

Good effort.
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Great image as usual. I am starting to cry now. My computer would not even render my last image!!! Still waiting on my rendering PC to come. It is finished just not sure what they are doing!!? Do you use asileFX grass as well as the trees, or do you use a mixture of CP3D items?
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It's perfect!
Thank you very much! I like it!
:butterfly: :hug:
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So beautiful! The rays of light and low clouds are a great extra touch to the scene.
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very beautiful and serene :aww:

I am following a series on Nat Geo HD called Wild Russia. With places like this, undisturbed by the often destructive humans. I totally love it. The scene is nicely random like nature does, goes nature has no specific rules :) :love:
The rays nicely represent the moisturized air often found in such area's in the early hours :iconsweethugplz:

Outstaning kincsem :tighthug: :heart:
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wow this is great it looks very real :)
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beautiful scene
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absolutely amazing scenery!!!
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I like the little pink tree and the flowers in the foreground.
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Looks great! too bad my computer's been crapping out with dA for the past few hours, getting on here was a battle in itself, and now the full-view won't even load on this :frustrated: well, I know it would be crammed full of details anyway, so I can safely assume that even without full-view...I'll probably see it by tomorrow anyway :sherlock:
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Oh, of course - the second after I post that comment, it decides to full-view! Sometimes I think my computer makes a sport out of pissing me off and making me look stupid :| But now I can see it, I would have missed those submerged rocks in the water :phew:
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