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Well....I think this is called history in the making :lol:
No, I haven't bought a new laptop, and I still don't have Vue installed here in the U.S. How on earth could I make this?
I don't have Vue, but I had severe withdrawal symptoms; I really missed composing, and I couldn't take it any longer.
Believe it or not, I made this scene on my =KnowYouAre's PC. :O ...via remote access. I could control his PC from thousands of miles away, I could use his Vue from Rochester, NY, and I could even postwork my image in his PS!! :D ...many many thanks sniffie for lending me your PC :iconsweethugplz:
I couldn't make any breakthrough now, since I didn't have time and I didn't have all the tools I work with, I just wanted to make it realistic...as I could from a remote computer :XD:
This is how the scene turned out.....what do you say? :P

Vue 8.5 Infinite, minor postwork in PS CS4
Title by my =KnowYouAre :tighthug:

Thanks for viewing! :)
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all from a vnc holly shit bat man
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Vue Infinite sounds like a cool program. ;-) I'd kinda like to play around with 3D programs someday.
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Gorgeous render -- and YEAH technology to enable you to create it!
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Very natural and real looking enviroment. But then again isn't that the case with all your renders? :giggle:
I'm glad you could make this via remote access, cause otherwise we will get withdrawal symptoms if we got to be too long without a new render from you! :P
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This is really awesome. I really like how you make trees!
Nice work!:D
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Very Nice Render
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Top Notch as always.Love the background mountains!
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Always welcome!
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Oh I am sure I have seen this image on Cornucopia galley. It's really beautiful :-)
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Thank you! :) Yeah I was happy to see it in CotC!
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Lovely landscape (I almost thought about a photo, at first glance !), done in an interesting way ! :)
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hahhahha yeah my current working conditions are somewhat unique :D
Thanks a lot :)
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Uhmm.... I still believe you're not human..... you're too good to be true! :D
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hmmm trust me sometimes I have doubts too :rofl:
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Haha, I dig the way you created it! I wish you had put the AA a bit higher so the stones in the foreground would be more sharp.
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lol I was happy to work at all; screen quality is not the same via remote access :D
=KnowYouAre set the render profile for me btw :)
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Your atmos are just sweet. Great image. Glad you liking the NY!
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Thank you! :)
NY is a great place!
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So my coworkers keep telling me LoL!! :)
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