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Bark textures

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So I've been using Vue 6 Infinite to render 3D scenes, and I wanted to make the trunks of the "default" trees more realistic. Yeah, this can be achieved with mapped picture, but I needed some realistic textures. Today I was walking in a forest, and had an idea; to create my own tree bark texture pack :D so I can use them whenever I want and I don't need to spend time searching for textures. I took some pics and created this pack....and decided to share it with other digital artists; maybe you can make good use of them too. Why not? :P

The pack contains 16 .jpg files.
Sizes: most of the images are 1200×1200px, two of them are a bit smaller.

If you have problems with texturizing (you can see "squares" on the trunks etc...), here's a good video tutorial to avoid such problems ----> [link]

hm what else can I say....enjoy! :XD:
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Downloaded and saved in my resource folder. Was hoping to use them in my Caldera mod for Morrowind but not quite what I was looking for. Good stuff though. Keep it up!
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Such an amazing texture work done..You are really good 00AngelicDevil00  ..Thanks for sharing it..
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Thank you. These textures help my learning pieces go to a higher level.  So encouraging.  Appreciate that you posted them.
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Thank you for your wonderful contribution to art and artists everywhere.  Used here: Magorian by Drury-Lane
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This is really helpful for the project I'm working on! Thank you so much for sharing! :D
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Thank you so much for your wonderful stock!
Used here:
Hope that you'll like it :) 
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This is perfect for a similar project I'm working on! :D But where I am it's the middle of winter, and I don't want to wait until spring / summer to take a picture of a tree. Thank you!
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I used your stock for a photomanipulation here:
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Hi! Many thanks for share!
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Thank you! They look great!
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Jófélék, pláne tile alapnak... ;)
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Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful textures! Great looking pack!
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Since there are no clear "You can use this under these conditions, blah blah blah." I will ask you to make sure. Can I use these textures as long as I give you credits for it?
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