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Another Day Starts

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This is my latest personal work; this was already made in Vue 11.5, which renders 30% faster so I already love it :D
Nothing special anyway, just my favorite humid jungle setting, 98% static xFrog plants, some postwork in Photoshop and enhancements in Filter Forge.
Thanks for viewing! :)

You can view the 1080p version here: [link]


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fantasy-landscapesHobbyist Digital Artist
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RakshiGamesProfessional Digital Artist
really awesome image
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rgrant1993Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice, i would like to use this image for my website @ jobnow.today

Do i have permission to use this image?
If so could you email me a copy of this image without the watermark at r.grant.jr.122193@jobnow.today
Credits to the image will still be given in the source code, and we will publicly give the credits of the image on our site. 
this will promote your google ranking.

Contact me any time, and feel free to send me high quality images.

we can only use images without the watermarks.
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archproartHobbyist Digital Artist
really impressive stuff..you really know how to use Vue...well done
would you like to have your art displayed at my online artshop
archproart.com with a back link to you of course....
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KhialatHobbyist General Artist
I love your jungle landscapes!
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imagine-the-obscureHobbyist Digital Artist
Nothing special anyway? You've got to be kidding me.. ehehe I would love to know how to create such realism. It's a shame my computer would explode if I attempted Vue 11.
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Like the fog/mist coming off of the water and the sunlight shining through. I picture a very calm and serious guy paddling that boat. :)
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This is Amazing great low level mist on the water and great lighting
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DillekHobbyist Digital Artist
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Six-KingsHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic lighting and atmosphere...Beautiful!!
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Great stuff!
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artech7Hobbyist Digital Artist
30% faster you say? Compared to what Version of Vue? I'm running 10 right now.

Did you use a preset render setting? Or do you use custom?
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00AngelicDevil00Professional Filmographer
Compared to 10.5, 11 and 11.5 are 30% faster. I NEVER use preset profile!! And I highly recommend using custom profile to anyone. Actually, most of the times I use a custom profile based on Final, but more AA and a bit less AE quality.... and Sharp strategy. This works fine for stills, but too slow for animations....then I used less AA and blurred strategy.
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artech7Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting. I do like faster render times. :)

Right, I never use presets either, the image always comes out too sharp or too soft almost always. I'll have to give 11 a try and see how it compares.

Thank you for the beautiful image as well! I always enjoy your stills! :D
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you are one of the best vue designers, very cool work
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This is beautiful.
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SolarArchitectHobbyist Digital Artist
WoW! Fantastic render! :O
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RayanAhmedHobbyist Digital Artist
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deskridge Digital Artist
Wonderful sense of atmosphere!
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DeadmenkilHobbyist General Artist
love the lighting on this one such a great mood.
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oh those god rays!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dave-DKHobbyist Digital Artist
Superb lighting Drea!!! And welcome back to dA!!! :D
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