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I hope you enjoy it ...

| Like nothing else !

• Powered by : UIFILE 4.7
• Based on : TECH 29TM0727 , TECH 29TM0722

| Includes

[ .exe ] [ 1280 1024 ] [ 1440 900 ] [1280 800 ]

| Installation

• copy 'RONAK.EXE' to the windows directory
[ folder | C:\WINDOWS ] and double click on :

Setup.reg > Yes > ok .

| More Color scheme


© T .TECH. All Rights Reserved.
Skinmasters #6 : 007TINAR | More Logons | [ New Release : December 06 , 2010 ]
© 2009 - 2021 007TINAR
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im 100% lost how do i install plz tell me pllzzzzz!
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Copy 'RONAK.EXE' to the windows directory
[ folder | C:\WINDOWS ] and double click on :

Setup.reg > Yes > ok . [ In the download package ]
it's a really cool 1 keep on doing more better thans this gre8 1 have fun and i am facing  problem in INVI PRO EN4 which i yours when i extact all files the wb skins is wba file which is INVI PRO EN4.wba and in font.r it is xps file and i am unable to install it it ask from what kind of file do you want open it
can somebody who as downloaded and installed can u please helpp me pout with this
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If you have 'Myriad Pro' font ... nothing to do_ otherwise move those xps files to the INVI PRO EN4 installation folder ... run windowblinds , apply the skin again ...
I am still working with it hope it Be's a cool 1
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Another variation,.another beautiful piece of work. Thanks!! :-)
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wow... look futuristic XD awesome!!!
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I really love this login screen. It's amazing. Every time I install XP on a machine (I work on computers a lot at home, and some of them can't run Windows7), I install this shortly after.

Now, a request. Can you please make this with a 1024x600 resolution so I can have the same epic series on what I can carry around?

I also really like the style of this one, but is there any way to get it (both for netbook, and for the original resolutions), in a neon-ish or forest green?

Thank you^-^
I love this logon can i get it for windows 7 please anyone??
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Unfortunately ...
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it will be much nicer without the xp
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Nice mate! ;) Where can I download this amazing wallpaper please? :)
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:aww: , After downloading this file , you can extract it from .exe by 'Resource Hacker' ! ;)
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Very nice, thanks
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Because I'd like to do the same effect on one of my wallpapers, and I think it would be awesome... Thanks :)
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Hi, could you please tell me what effect you used in photoshop to transform the original wall to this one ?
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Hi buddy ! For the sky : i've recreate the background with gradient . [ the clouds are kept ] , For other parts : healing brush tool - clone stamp tool - filters : Noise and blur - and layer modes : overlay - soft light , and selective color ...
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where could I maybe find the wallpaper?

You are great at what you do by the way.
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