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July 9, 2007
INVI PRO V14.5 by *007TINAR is a minimalist plus futuristic style. "It stands off the Vista Glass trend, pushing the UI in a whole new level. One of the best eye candy, most refreshing themes I've ever saw." Be sure to check out his gallery!
Featured by mauricioestrella
Suggested by Osox
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| Info

• Wb Name : INVI PRO EN
• Version : 14.9
• OS : Windows XP
• F.WB : 5.X and higher

| Includes

• Windowblinds skin
• StylerToolbar skin
• ObjectDock Background

| Installation

• To apply the theme , you need :

○ Windowblinds
○ Styler Toolbar
○ Object Dock [ Optional ]

| More skins


XP | Vista : TRONIX 7 | Aero X | Aero Z B.E | Aero Z

Vista : INVI 3V | INVI 4V | INVI 5V

SE7EN : INVI E3 | Aero 7

| Password

007TINAR - IR1386 - 122645 - END1208

| Gratitude
• Special thx to Osox for suggesting this skin for a DD and manicho for the feature .

| Note
○ Please ,don't upload this to your website or shareware. You can create a feedback to this ...

© T .TECH. All Rights Reserved.
Skinmasters #6 : 007TINAR | Windowblinds | StylerToolbar | Styler Settings | ObjectDock | [ Last Update : FEB 27 2008 ]
© 2007 - 2021 007TINAR
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witam Jakie JEST hasło zrobić rozpakowania Tego motywu ???
007TINAR's avatar
007TINAR - IR1386 - 122645 - END1208
007TINAR's avatar
You need to install windowblinds , after that just double click on 'INVI PRO EN.wba' ...
amra977's avatar
what would change if i set windows and buttons to windows xp style? only scroll bar and windows buttons or everything would be in xp style?
007TINAR's avatar
I don't remember exactly. But almost everything ... except taskbar and start menu_
como faço para istalar isso no meu pc. por favor me ajude..
007TINAR's avatar
você precisa instalar windowblinds para aplicar esse !
depois: duplo clique no 'INVI PRO EN.wba'
innocentslab's avatar
send me the link of wallpaper used in this theme
viveksingh01's avatar
how do u make themes .....??
Lordyrgar's avatar
But, The Stylertoolbar, install in windows XP
Lordyrgar's avatar
Perfecr, The best
Sheesey's avatar
Okay sorry for doubleposting but I found out what to do.
I got it installed etc but it's making me have Windows Classic.
Please help me :(
007TINAR's avatar
I think your windowblinds has a problem ! try to install it again or find other version ... ;)
Sheesey's avatar
Sorry for the late reply....I upgraded to windows 7 so there is no need to worry.
thanks for everything though xD
Sheesey's avatar
Okays downloaded but have no idea what i'm doing :s
I have windowsblind btw.
darkdoomer's avatar
>mfw you put a password on it
SpikepDa's avatar
Enjoy your skin for two years now mate, every use full without the others of creating brains cells to die over time.

Keeping it for another two years mean while I have edited ever sec of my desktop etc... just only thing left for to complete the puzzle is teh vista icon (to replace it since people first thing is it vista or w7) gets old!

If by any chance you edit this pice of art. I had problems with skin studio which keeps your vista icon in the background and if I do add this item the grow of vista icon is their. I tried how to's and lot of reading nothing to help weird comments on it.

picture of normal sitting icon

when mouse if over for glow effect

for more info plz feel free to contact me "really want this to happen"

007TINAR's avatar
Thx a lot m8 ! you must change both start button and glow ...
SpikepDa's avatar
Even if their just bitamp's picture

will it give the glow effect to show the glow blue effect

<img src="[link]" ="313" alt="Sept New Style Da Blue" />
007TINAR's avatar
SpikepDa's avatar

ill try again later

thanks mate
dude, luv ya so much! ur work ROCKZ!
i need help. i whould like to apply some object dock skins. but i cant find the password to open it. can u help me??
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