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Autumn Sunset

By 007Nab
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My backyard, just days before the first snows arrived for the season. This is a panoramic composition of 5 shots.

Tell me what you think!

Canon 50D, and my post-processing repertoire.
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8289x2229px 14.36 MB
Shutter Speed
1/100 second
Focal Length
24 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 7, 2010, 5:16:39 PM
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Ugh, talking about snow makes me depressed. Beautiful to look at, but a royal pain to shovel. It's snowing pretty good here in Virginia.
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Ah man we're covered... I agree, it's beautiful but a real hassle. Especially when it freezes into solid chunks that weigh half a ton :P

Maybe I'll take another panoramic of what it looks like now! haha :)
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I would love to learn from you how to take a crisp panoramic photograph, and your post processing. I think I could have improved two of mine in my gallery.
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Well when I'm taking the actual panoramic, there are a few things to consider.

First off, you want to keep your focus consistent, otherwise certain parts of your image will be in focus and others will be completely blurry. This makes merging the images together look terrible!
So set a really good focus using autofocus -- nice and sharp where you want it (In this case, I focused on the bushes/fence) and then maintain that focus for the rest of the shots by either switching to manual (so it doesn't change in each frame) OR, you can also keep panning back and refocusing on the original subject. Does that make sense?

Now, as far as taking the actual panoramic itself, there are some great articles, especially on PhotoTuts you might want to look at. I use Ptgui to merge my pics, but there's plenty of freeware out there you can use as well.

Then, as far as post-processing goes, the main things I usually work on is the lighting. Since I don't have a tripod, I have to keep most of my pictures slightly underexposed to stay sharp since I mainly shoot panoramas later on in the day, so in post-processing I brighten them up and tweak contrast settings.

Hope that helps :)
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I think you ought to write a tutorial, I know I'll bookmark it so I can always come back to it.
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A tutorial? Hmmm... yeah I can do that. I'll make one of my next shot! Whenever that is.. heheh I don't plan these things :P
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No rush, man.
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Also! You want to keep composition in mind. This particular panoramic has rather terrible composition :P as there is no clear focal point. It's more of a background. But when you're taking your shots, try to figure out a specific item or object which you want your viewer to notice first. For example, in my vertical waterfall panorama, the log is the focal point. So I took my shots accordingly so that it would be in the top 3rd of the finished photo to keep good composition.
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Beautiful colours.

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Thanks! It was really beautiful lighting.. prime golden-hour, ya know? I got quite lucky :)
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I really like the color in this image. How much post-processing did you do with the coloring, if any? And how much snow did you get after it arrived? It just started snowing where I live. :D
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The post-processing was to fix the lighting.. I took it quite late and so I had to keep the shutterspeed quick. So brightened it up, which made me lose some saturation, which I added back.

So the richness was there to begin with, but I had to add it back.

In fact, in real life it was even more lively! Such fantastic lighting! But... I don't have a tripod :(

And, we got a good 10 inches of snow! Haha! It was fantastic... though lots of shoveling :P
GamerWorld14's avatar
Wow, that's quite a bit of snow! We just got our first snowfall over the weekend with about 3 inches. Now it feels so much more like Christmas to me... haha. :P
007Nab's avatar
Yeah apparently it's supposed to be a record-year here... lots of snow!

And I agree, it does make everything seem more christmassy. :)
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Well good luck with that... I like snow, until I have to shovel the driveway. ;P
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Yes, my sentiment exactly.
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