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Retribution Lottery - Part 1 - The Party

By 007Fanatic
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    This is a continuation or expansion of 

Heather - Strict CEO by 007Fanatic.  In collaboration with :iconrometheus:

    Retribution Lottery – Part 1

    In the final week of June, women celebrate Retribution Week, recognizing centuries of female oppression at the hands of males.  The official holiday being the final weekday in June, most women take several days or even the entire week off of work with full pay.  Men of course are expected to pick up the slack, covering for both work and domestic tasks during the week while also pampering the women in their lives.

    Customs also permit for the outright oppression of men at the hands of women during this week.  For instance, women-owned and/or managed businesses traditionally cut men’s salary to 60% of normal for the week to recognize the gender pay gap experienced by women for decades; in addition, those same men are expected to put in additional hours to compensate for the holiday time taken by the female staff.  The money saved from the men’s salaries are typically distributed to the women as bonuses.  As part of the official recognition of Retribution week, these and many other similar practices are 100% legal.  In fact, all female government employees are given the entire week off with full pay; male government employees receive a 45% reduction in pay while working 50% more hours than their typical schedule; and all women share the money that would have been paid to the men and receive it tax-free.

    The highlight of Retribution Week, however, is the Retribution Lottery.  In order to recognize males in general as the guilty parties of centuries of female oppression, 500 men aged 21-45 are selected at random via a lottery system each year.  Throughout the week, female enforcement agents fan out across the country to issue no-notice warrants to the lottery “winners” and take the men into custody.  Film crews accompany the agents and turn the footage into a reality TV show enjoyed by millions of women.

    The men taken into custody during the Retribution Lottery are sent to specially designed camps overseen by strict female guards and wardens to serve a 10-year sentence.  The men are given menial and often humiliating tasks, such as performing hard labor in harsh conditions without the benefit of mechanical tools.  A more recent pilot program assigns a prisoner to a governess, often a business owner, to work all or part of his sentence by providing free labor.

    Many women throw lavish parties inviting their friends and coworkers over to celebrate and watch the Retribution Lottery.  Any males in attendance of course are not celebrating but are serving at the beck and call of the women.

    Heather, CEO of multi-national corporation Trans-Pacific World Wide, Limited, threw such a party for her friends and business associates.  As a charter member of the Retribution pilot program, Heather has several prisoners working throughout her various enterprises.  These prisoners are kept in line through the use of various means, to include electric shock collars or other similar items.  The male servant at her party, for instance, is wearing a full electric body harness, controlled by an app on the women’s phones that can deliver an electric shock nearly anywhere on his body.  The women can even control the intensity of the shock, delivering anything from an annoying tickle similar to an insect bite on his neck to a severe pulse to his genitals that will instantly drop him to his knees.

    This year, Heather has something special in mind for a very special prisoner who is about to be taken into custody.

    To Be Continued

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Being a simple-minded male, I seem to have only favorited the picture at first, but I am glad you linked to this full story. It is scorching.

007Fanatic's avatar

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Going to try and reboot this story here soon.

roscopco's avatar

The picture and story definitely got my imagination going. Even males uncaptured (yet) may have definite obligations and tasks. Looking forward to whatever you think up next!

profdiv's avatar

Amazing! I would love to see more of this!

007Fanatic's avatar

Thank you! :) I hope to reboot this concept series soon as I never did continue it back when I first created it...

profdiv's avatar

For me the hottest part is the idea of the female dominated government ordering the punishment and the enslavement of random innocent men as "retribution". Imagine being a men in that world, even if you do everything right you have to suffer through the retribution week and you live in constant fear of "winning" the retribution lottery, and there is nothing you can do because the outcome is based on pure luck!

007Fanatic's avatar

An insanely hot fantasy to say the least! ;)

profdiv's avatar
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Okay, everybody who believes the lottery is 100% random, raise your hands.

Yeah, that's what I thought...:-)
007Fanatic's avatar
Exactly! if I ever get around to the second part you'll see just how "random" it is!  :)
Rometheus's avatar
How it's party going? :)
007Fanatic's avatar
Ladies are having fun! :)
etienneell's avatar
the only problem I have with this is the age grouping, should be older as well! ;)
007Fanatic's avatar
LOL, Thanks!  :)
leloup144's avatar
Rometheus's avatar
Oh yes yes! :) I can allready imagine being at the party. I can see in eyes of that slave from left side that not happy wearing shock body harness....he cant concentrate on anything else except waiting for shock. :)
I wonder where did Heather squeeze her phone in that tight transparent dress....but wherever she puts him, he's enjoying it :)
007Fanatic's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, I guess her phone is on the table or something! :)
Rometheus's avatar
I supose slave has his eyes fixed on that phone because he knows its gonna be painfull when Heather picks it up... :)
LoveLatex64's avatar
The women are gorgeous, and what a fashion taste. It's only fair that there is a certain amount of payback...
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