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Challenge for the remake of Rin Rin Daishi's original character Yejide.
I did this out of fun and a good opportunity to study someone else approach to their style.

Please give this artist credit. She clearly deserves it.
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I'm in love, such a beauty!

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Stunning!! Well done.
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This is beautifully done. And what an amazing job on those dreadlocks. Superb
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This is Beautiful!
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impressive and nitid
This is amazing. Very beautiful!
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I don't typically like Dreads. But they look good here.
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I love Rin Rin Daishi's art.  This a beautiful study with a good amount of your own flair easily showing through.  I especially like your sharpened up tattoo details.  
SassyGhost's avatar let her kick my ass tbh 11/10
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