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The Old One

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Yessssss, Fucking squid guy doing some little mayhem in the city of mankind. He's actually the son of Cthulhu, he's called Timmy.
And he's a fucking charm. Such a sweet little boy. He told me "flpghj plujh plosh" the other day as he ripped my arms off with his sight. Such a cutie pie.

Anyways! I did this today, in order to celebrate a collection of new personal images.
And fuck yeah I was listening to metal as I did this.

Her ya go boys n girls.
Sulphur Aeon, one of my favorite bands.


death to mankind

New New New New New New New New New 
Bullet; Black Bullet; Red I want to let know everybody that this image has been licensed to Kill Everything for their album Scorched EarthBullet; Black Bullet; Red 
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Awesome! Thanks for drawing such things!
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...The Xel'naga that forged us all... are returning... but do they come to save...? Or to destroy....
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Belle image!
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CapnDeek373Professional General Artist
Featured… random acts of Lovecraft  :cthulu: by Helen-Baq
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I love the sheer size of him. Most depictions don't ever dare display Old Ones very large.
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dismesmenagerieProfessional General Artist
ia shub niggurath, goat with a thousand young! 
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ConuironHobbyist Writer
Sick! <3 :+fav: 
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Fantastic Artwork!
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grievousvsdarkahsokaStudent Digital Artist
imagining this an actual reality...doesn't actually scare me
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grievousvsdarkahsokaStudent Digital Artist

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Astounding piece. First, it really reminds me of a dream I once had. I like the lighting and the sense of overwhelming scale. And, above all, I appreciate how the natural world seems to be in harmony with the Great Old One.  It illustrates the concept that Lovecraft's deities are, in the end, representations of the universe's indifference towards humans. There's a sense of impending doom, but also of serenity.
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Ohh-GlobProfessional Digital Artist
This piece is just remarcable!
Amazing Work!
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I feel like falling to my knees and weeping as the end of all comes for us. But, I also wish to resist it and fight it.
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nah. ain't nobody gotta chance.
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CapnDeek373Professional General Artist
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MuttMixHobbyist Writer
You did great at setting the mood!
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I love the lighting in this picture, especially the golden rays that filter down from behind the tentacles over the ocean.  It gives a beautiful, ethereal feel that goes will with the otherworldly nastiness taking place on the coast, along with the seagulls looking graceful as they flee from death.

The sheer size and sense of power is also well portrayed here... not to mention that the description is also good for a laugh.  Good job!
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Finally! A picture of an Old One that makes them look truly IMMENSE. Lovecrafts work is all about how insignificant man is, compared to the cosmic horror out there. This is the first time i've seen and of the Old ones represented in a way that makes me think 'Yeah, what can man do against that?'. Well done sir!
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That is an amazing masterpiece, congratulations to that :O !
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thank you so much much
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You`re very welcome :) !
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