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The Magnolia Dragon

Personal piece.
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I love the angle you chose. Many people focus on a head on view while your view is tilted, almost as if the viewer is in the sky with the dragon. It's also interesting to see the pterodactyls circling around it, going off far into the distance. This gives a huge sense of depth along with the vast sky. The sunlight doesn't seem to be going through his wings as much though. Since the dragon has wings like a bat, maybe have sunlight coming through the wings, maybe even showing some veins. Have shade on the pterodactyls too. Really cool!
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this is beautiful!!
the way you've done the shading and detail is incredible, an amazing piece :3
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Beautiful dragon!!! :)
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Woah, i wanna learn how to Draw Like that, cause it’s very rarely that i see such beautyful artwork🤩🤩🤩
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Phenominal work!La la la la 
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I love it! No come this beautiful creature was in fantastic beast and where to find them T^T
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