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May 7, 2020
The Hunt by 000Fesbra000
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The Hunt

"Glaabirk a nasty skulker. He always make fun of Lox. Lox is always good to klan, me goes to the High Hills and seeks food and shinny from human place. Up up goes secret road, in between the big stones of the dark part of mountain. Humans not know tis road, too tight, too small for they big feets. I discover meself long time, but nasty stupid Glaabirk tinks me a boober! A big boober dummy Lox is, says him! He no bring food enogh for klan. Lost for days and then comes with puny sak. I show him what I get, food and shinny. He slaps me the food in me face once and made me go red in angry! We bit us long time but nasty Glaabirk big boi, he stronker than meself. He boss. But today is good day. Lox brings new friend. I not have big food before days for klan, for I give to frend on the road home many times. He little nasty, all by self in forest, mama was bloody with other tinys big bloody. But little nasty was there and I give some. Now he big nasty, and now he will fetch me some Glaabirk to feed klan.
Stupid nasty Glaabirk! I bigger boi now!"

- Old Journal of Great Lox The Wolf Lord.
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I love your work and would like to commission you for a project can I have your contact info please
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Love this! What medium is it?

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damn, this is beautiful!

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Your art is truly stunning!

i realy like your atenchon to deatale:clap:

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So atmospheric)))

This looks amazing! This has really good shading and color contrast

My favorite theme forests and creatures! amazing!!

Very nice this....

Dont forget to visit my site

Oh my goodness! It's really good!

Amazing work!!👏

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Congratulations on the well-deserved DD. :)
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nice work bro

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