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awesome snake :la:
love the colour of those scales
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whoa...  you're crazy skilled awesome work 
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Its soo cool, congrat!
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ah bushvipers such awesome reptiles
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This is great!  Your goal is to make WotC, right? I bet the upcoming tropical/jungle-y Ixalan set will make it abundantly clear you'd be an excellent addition. This piece in particular--a golden-hued, swampy jungle snake--feels perfect in tone and style. I'm rooting for you.

If I could mention one minor hangup I had, I couldn't quite read the birds vs. snake vs. trees as immediately size-defining...Of course scale birds typically mean the subject is huge, so that's where I instinctively go. But upon closer inspection the delicate birds themselves look like they might just naturally be smaller than "standard" birds, and since the snake feels like "regular" size in comparison to the trees (or at least not immediately gigantic), it makes me second-guess myself that maybe the snake isn't huge, but the birds are just tiny.  That is all an afterthought of course to the initial, instinctual reading that the birds mean this must be a super-sized snake.  However, in any case, the power, energy, and viciousness of the snake sing, and the image itself is wonderful and, again, feels perfect for Magic.
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Very Good!! 
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Looks very nice! Can't believe the size of that thing, must be huge if you compare it to those birds! (If they are birds..)
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Wowie. I came onto DA to find a drawing reference and I see this. Awesome art :3

Yes I really like sneks
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