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About Digital Art / Professional Felipe Escobar BravoMale/Chile Group :iconpathfinder-art: Pathfinder-Art
Pathfinder Paizo Fantasy RPG
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understand a painting study dont just copy
This is purely an observation from my point of view but whenever i see a study or painting based on a masterpiece or a screen plate. The results are almost in every case very good.So this tells me that our ability to copy is quite good and its not really required to be a high level artist.Junior level to mid level ones can pull this off easily too. Everything you need to know is already in the image we are trying to copy so it becomes a recipe for us.
the important thing though is to not "copy" it but to understand it and deconstruct a work method from it.And if you understand that then the work based from your own mind will be alot better.
When i see this kind of work , for me its not the level of detail and accurcy that one puts in the copied artwork that impresses me, but the images based on that learned knowledge afterwards. And to tell you the truth not many people understand this knowledge or are aware of how important it is to understand it.But the interesting phenomenon is that
:iconleventep:leventep 88 22

Journal History

I've taken the right decision to permanently erase my remaining "social media".
Some while ago I deleted my Facebook account and as a couple of days ago I deleted LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.
Somehow this is the right decision for me, because I have strong feelings about social media and our way of contact that's evolving towards somewhere I don't quite appreciate. I'm personally a bit compulsive and obsessive and I've always found my preoccupation for likes and attention silly and irreverent, however is a good boost in healthy doses, in other platforms tends to be a constant flow of this opioid and I've seen myself caring for it in an unconscious way.

My remaining "social platforms" are this one, DeviantArt. I quite appreciate the flow of things here, is a very community oriented gallery and informal enough to allow many things I like, without getting itself into the Facebook problem. The other one is ArtStation for obvious reasons and my webpage

I know that at a certain point I'll fully abandon DeviantArt as well, however I don't see myself doing that for many many years to come. In a future I hope to just have my webpage to give attention too.

The change I've noticed since I fully erased Instagram (a platform that I gave attention daily) was that my cellphone no longer hold interest to me. And I today tried and succeeded by putting it away on a drawer without looking at it for almost half a day, while I wrote and painted. I did noticed looking at it in the morning to see any notifications and I realized that there was nothing to see really. I felt an empty feeling, almost immediately giving away I was effectively addicted to it.

DeviantArt is social media however. I think is different though. Because it's a mild interaction. I know that there's a reason why I'm writing here, because most likely this is going to reach others and create a "conversation" making me feel better and less lonely. I'm no hypocrite. But as I said before I will abandon this platform some day for good too for the same reasons.

I've noticed people reject actively the idea of deleting your social media. I gave myself (and others gave me) for years the excuse that it's a dramatic and exaggerated move as I can just block it for a while and not lose important contacts, data or what a lot of people in this career care about deeply like if it were gold nuggets, their reach. Personally my experience with "work" comes and has always come from 3 places.
  1. DeviantArt
  2. Sending e-mails to the companies I want to work for.
  3. Other people sharing my work regardless...
In terms of professional contacts, nothing beats the old e-mail. If I'm not moving fast enough or am I not at a click distance from a potential employer anymore? Or I'm not going to be everywhere anymore? I need to stay up to the speed of the industry? I don't care. If nothing it will be a bigger better push for me to get better at my craft and let the images do the talking. Instead of spamming myself like if people actually cared about every little step I'm taking. The reality is simple. They don't, they're just as addicted to information as I was to attention, and those who do hold a special connection to what I do and understand it will most likely keep an eye on what I do. I remember for many years, way before Facebook I used to follow Todd Lockwood's work like a true fan. Checking his webpage for updates almost every month by having to sit down and turn on my family's computer and waiting for it to load with our shitty internet. He wouldn't refresh his webpage for a full year sometimes and that's fine. He still had work to do, he was living his life happy, getting paid, getting busy and enjoying it like a normal person.

So yeah, it's not such a big deal after all. It's all in our minds. It's a fantasy world we made real, a simulacrum. Believe me it's not important if you're not actively making money with it like those "influencers" who earn big money from sponsors. And after almost 3k followers on Instagram, 330 on Twitter, and some worthless recommendations on my profile on LinkedIn... it's all the same. The only thing that's gonna give me a job at the end is my work.
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Felipe Escobar Bravo
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
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:bulletyellow: 1: All work is paid! I don't work for free. No exceptions.

:bulletyellow: 2: Work involves a Legal Document that's signed by both parts. You don't want to sign it, then we can't work.

:bulletyellow: 3: Payment through PayPal.

:bulletyellow: 4: Payment method can be full in advance, or 50/50. I don't accept payment through royalties or promises of payment "after project is successfully funded", unless there's a contract that stipulates this in a good orderly way.

:bulletyellow: 5: I don't have a list or "menu" on my prices, because all work is relative and completely variable. Is my work to fix you a price on the time, or a time on the price, or say yes or no about specific payment and times. So please do contact me and ask.

:bulletyellow: 6: Send me a note, but preferably contact me to my email:

Other details:
If you're a fan and you want to support my work, but you don't have much to pay me for an ambitious project. I sincerely advise you to reconsider. Illustrations are an expensive asset and are generally used and commissioned when there's gonna be a commercial use for them that are gonna give you a revenue. I've had people ask me about huge images with tons of details with a budget of 90 dollars. You can't expect me to give you a week of work for that. What I can do is fix you the image around the time that I consider appropriate for that pay. But expectations on huge images will have to change.

HOWEVER: more efficient ways to support are to share my images. We artists appreciate that greatly, it doesn't take much effort, and it helps us reach more people.


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Madcarak Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I love your drawings, you really control what you do! Your landscapes and characters are incredible, I love your style and your colors! I do not have your level, but I just got a graphic tablet screen and I think it will change my life! Do not hesitate to take a look at my gallery, if you find the time. Congratulations for your work, I can not wait to see your next works, suddenly I follow you! Have a good day and see you soon! ^^
shinigami1717 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You make some amazing stuff, Felipe. Keep up the good work, dude! :3
000Fesbra000 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
thank you so much!
shinigami1717 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jimbowyrick1 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You are so beyond Lovecraft!
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