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The boy have no name
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Chaotic drawer, heavy tea drinker, read a lot of comic books, like movies and animation and a f*ck ton of other stuffs...
So yeah, that's basically me

You can also find me on :
- Twitter :
- Derpibooru :…


Apple horse mom
Few days ago, Wootmaster posted a pic of the shirt on his twitter and said "Draw a mom of the show with this shirt". So I did ! Apple horse mom is the best mom !

Pear Butter belongs to Hasbro.
Choose your weapon
You are in your bed, ready to sleep after a good evening of gaming. Softly, you fall into slumber, and wake up in a very strange place : no ground or ceiling, just a odd shade of grey with no end in sight. "Am I dreaming ?" you are wondering. Then, in a flash of light, the Princess of the Night herself appears, wearing only a vest and headphones. "Greetings dreamer", she say as she slowly comes close to you, "It comes to me that you really like games, and that is a good thing, because I also like to play !". Then, a collection of different sex-toys appears around her. You begin to feel aroused as she look at you with a little smile. "So, fellow dreamer" she say, "which weapon will you choose to fight me ?"

My English is not perfect, annnnnnnnnd... I'm not really used to write clopfics, but I hope you're gonna enjoy the picture and the little story ! ;) (Wink) 

Princess Luna belongs to Hasbro.
Because it was :iconambris: birthday yesturday, I decided to draw his OC Erika for him. It was the first time I drew a shark-girl, but I think I did pretty well !
Here's my contribution for the Tweetfur thingy, first time I draw a bird character. Not my best work, but I had fun to draw it anyway !

The Twitter bird belongs to Twitter (duh !).


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MusicScribbles1 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama! 
Anonnim Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2018
Hi! Do you take request?
ascencioirving Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018
joyeux anniversaire mon amiMLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
Mille félicitations aujourd'hui pour votre journéePinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz 
salutations et embrassadesmlp mane 6 (hug) plz 
0-Van-0 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwww ! That's so nice of you, thanks ! (I didn't knew that you can talk French )

And thanks also for the llama btw !
HotheadSquirrel5 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome! :D
KaidokJ Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2018   Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama :happybounce:

I knew a llama once. At least I thought I knew him. I mean, how well can anyone really know anyone, much less a llama. With their air of mystery and thinly veiled contempt. It’s hard. But I digress.
His name was Kevin. But for reasons I will never understand, he would only ever answer to Albert. Identity issues aside, things started out okay. The usual introductory sniffing and sneezing went well, despite his allergies, but then things started going downhill during the ritual licking phase of the pleasantries. We pushed through. And had it not been for the spitting, we might have even been able to make it work, but alas, after just 3 seconds of bittersweet brotherhood, we finally decided to part ways. It’s kind of sad, when you think about it. Spitting seems like such an innocent thing to fight over, but he was pretty adamant that I should stop and that was just never going to happen. We might have overcome that issue, but Kevin, like all llamas, was very competitive. First came the stench competitions. Then it was belching contests. And lastly, a painstaking count to see which one was hairier. You can clearly see why our relationship was doomed. The poor fellow was a bit of a sore loser.
So he snuck out, taking with him a failed friendship, an obliviously optimistic dread of the future, and my sixth favorite toothbrush. Now that he is gone, I can honestly say, it's for the best. He was too much of a chick magnet anyway and who needs that drama? :shakefist:

Full disclaimer, as Kevin’s official biographer, a position of which he blackmailed me into (don’t ask), I’ve been instructed to inform you about his ongoing series. The journey starts here with The Kevin Chronicles - Chapter 1, and this gallery contains the rest. You should check it out.

*End of cue card*

And don't worry, they're pretty short.
No pressure though, only if you want.

FaerieWarrior Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the llama =3
KaidokJ Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018   Digital Artist

Thanks for the fav on Inktober 10 - Flowing a.k.a Time stops for no man


I’ve never been much of a nature lover, well, there was this one time, at band camp, but never again. However, I do occasionally like to match wits with Mother Nature in a friendly game of Will This Kill Me, or camping as some people like to call it. But you’ve got to do it right. None of this glamping business, with the fancy tents and modern technologies, like fire or clothing. Camping is about survival and awakening your primal instincts. You just can’t do that if you succumb to the weaknesses of underwear or flashlights. It’s all about respecting nature. How can you expect a three week old, dead, rabid, zombie koala bear to maul and eat your intestines if it has to rip its way through your jeans as well as your abdomen? I know. It’s completely unrealistic. Sure, their claws are sharp and the zombie virus makes them abnormally strong, but jeans are a tough material to tear and their cute little hands are so tiny. Can you really live with yourself knowing that because you couldn’t bare it in the wild, an insatiably ravenous, unholy marsupial might starve? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that on my conscience, which is why I always expose all my vulnerabilities to the infinite dangers of the great outdoors. Just to keep things sporting.


gregorionegaard Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018  Professional Photographer
Thanks for the llama!

0-Van-0 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome !
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