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Tonight, was the night where kids wore costumes, ran to houses, and got candy in return. But, it was also when Mr. Happypants returned.

There were three girls in their Halloween costumes, bags filled with candy. They were running to each house, knocking on doors, saying their 'Tricks' and 'Treats', and getting candy in return. They were fine their first 4 years trick-or-treating, but this year was different. One of the girls parents were supervising them when they went to a seemingly empty house, but when they opened the door, someone answered.

A person wearing a low-quality smiley-face mask and striped pants, slowly walked up to them, and asked, 'Do you like candy?' Ecstatic, the three girls replied with, 'Yeah, we do!' This immediately set red flags for the supervisor. She tried to run to them, when she tripped and fell. When she got to the door, it was too late. She pounded on the door, she kicked, tried to barge in, but nothing was working.

She sat on the stairs, thinking about the alarming rates of missing children on Halloween night. Meanwhile, the three girls waited eagerly for their free candy, when Mr. Happypants came back, with a camera and a baseball bat embedded with nails, rusted with the blood of children before those three girls. Mr. Happypants immediately dragged one of the girls upstairs, to his 'fun-time room'. The girl was scared, she didn't know what to do. 'Playing with you will be...sweeter than any candy I ever had.' Mr. Happypants said, right before knocking the girl unconscious, smashing her head and skull, and 'playing' with the body.

He thought the girl's 'warm, moist' body was better than any kid he ever gotten. After he was finished, he cut her torso right open, and ate her liver raw. It reminded him of his next best kid when he ate him alive. The screams, oh the screams, it was like music to Mr. Happypants' ears.

He went downstairs to drag the next girl to his 'fun-time room', to do a similar thing, but when she was alive instead. First, he got out the camera, then he 'played' with the next girls body. He cut the girls stomach open, revealing red and yellow mush. He grabbed onto the mush, with the girl screaming a bloodcurdling scream. He choked her to death, and left her there to rot.

There was only one girl left, who was pound at the door, profusely trying to open the door, but as always, she couldn't escape the grasp of Mr. Happypants. She suffered the worst punishment out of the three. First, she had her scalp ripped open, revealing her brain. Then, Mr. Happypants 'played' with the girl, but this time something 'different' happened. Next, he ripped out her fingernails, one by one, then chopped off her limbs, before finally ripping out her heart and forcing it inside the dead girls throat.

When he thought his work was done, he heard a young boy yell, 'Trick or treat!'

Time for a trick.


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