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Dragon battle

Rayquazaaa (Pokemon) VS Dojo (Xiaolin Showdown :heart:)
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Zinnia vs. the goddamn dragon. I can't tell.
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GREAT GHOST OF DASHI! This is so freaking awesome!
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This is pure awesomeness! :heart:
Both of them are beautiful and look so powerful!
Really amazing art ^^
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rayquaza got hit by dragon again but rayquaza got him make him spin hit on mountain like rock then rayquaza use flamethrower hit dragon
Voltorb's avatar
this is... totally awesome :-O

to bys mohla dát na FA ne?
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coooool =D

call me .=3 wolfy.
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coooool =D

call me .=3 wolfy.
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great detail , this is amazing !
Dreamer-Believer31's avatar
i was like how is this related to pokemon then i saw Rayquazaa and i was like oooo

Its rlly cool!! i love it!!
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raquaza doesn't stand a chance, dojo will talk to much haha!
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"Ah, who do I root for, who do I root for-"
*dodges fireball*
"Nevermind- RUN!!!"
Lily-Lyn-Rain's avatar
Oh no! My two favorite dragons ever, fighting? I don't know who to cheer for!!

But man this is a beautiful picture, great job!
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OoO *omdlí* Tak tohleto je dokonalé OoO Ten drak, ten plamen, ta Rayqaza...
joseash27's avatar
[link] go rayquazaaaaaaaaa
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Ako dlho kreslis takyto obrazok? To je tak famozne ze proste.....nooo obdivujem, klaniam sa, omdlievam :D Kazdopadne je to uzasne ta atmosfera, supiny a tie efekty no proste uzasne. Jedna vec - neviem cim to je ale nejak sa mi ta rayqaza nepozdava hlavne ta hlava a krk. Netusim preco, urcite to je len mnou :D
0-Kyuubs-0's avatar
tento obrazok som kreslila tak umm.. do 20 hodin to bolo ale hrozne dobre sa mi to kreslilo :)
ano ani mne sa ta hlava a krk nezda ale vobec som nemala predstavu ako by som to mala urobit aby to vypadalo prirodzene a nie tak dreveno ako to vypada teraz ^^;
ale dakujem za chvalu ^^
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Nemas zac, ja by som tak dlho asi nevydrzala kreslit :D :D :D
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love the coloring, and the backgrounds adds to the intensity of the battle
NobilisKrypton's avatar
making pokemon epic :)
Xavius-Windsong's avatar
hehehe! very cool!!
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