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i'm not here anymore -- message me if you want to talk.
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https://transfinite.dreamwidth.org/215469.html ^ read that. it shows off some absolutely horrendous and offensive behavior by dA administrators toward a person of non-binary gender. personally, i am lucky enough to not have this be a major part of my life - i identify pretty solidly, though not 100%, with my biological sex. but that does not make this any less distressing. to tell you the truth, i haven't been active on this site for two or three years. i kept trying to come back and losing interest. because dA has gotten progressively shittier over the years. when i was here in 2004, it was an excellent art site. to tell you the truth, i
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at least i got the werewolf, i guess. fursplosions are kind of cool looking. in other news, i reeeeally need to scan things D: I'M SORRY PEEPS. I'M JUST LESS THAN PLEASED WITH ANYTHING I DRAW RARGH
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i deleted EVERYONE from my devwatch except two people who i know personally and wish to keep track of [i.e. dale and sierra]. don't take it personally! if i'm still interested in your art, i saved your location to a file on my computer. i just hate the design of the devwatch and i never check on it, it just fills up my inbox. also, i have no idea why i am coming back to dA. it is the most disgustingly ad-filled place i have EVER seen, and that includes myspace. every little thing has this cutesy little box asking me to get a subscription if i want these cool features! nice, dA. way to be subtle. i still won't get one, though. never have,
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Thanks for the fave.
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I so love you new art its so detailed well all ur art is already, lovin the new furrie charaters,and always loving 0kyo keep flying sky in the future!!! :D
Hey person.
Probably hate me, that's fine, i most likely deserve that.

Just wanted to let you know, I'm sorry.

Sorry for fucking up what we had, for not trying hard enough or really doing right by you. I'm sorry. If you don't forgive me its fine, i understand, but after the events of tonight, i've learned about, mainly how much of a problem i can be in a relationship.

It took another catastrophic heartbreak to make me finally grow up. But hey, i did learn my lesson. I'm not gonna just jump into shit blindly, and i am gonna take the time to get to know the person i try to "Love", and to respect them and do whatever i can.

But honestly, i honestly think that maybe i was too fucked up, and should be alone. I dunno.

I'm, just very tired and i felt like talking to you. Sorry if this bothered you at all.