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Take a guess WIP

Some WIP, I have a few ideas of what to make this into.
But you are welcome to take a guess. :)

Yeah, as usual. Made with Paint.NET :nod:

Enjoy :mwahaha: :mwahaha:
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I know this seems totally random...

But it's two droplets of water, one right above the other, held together with surface tension!
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Wow! Now that's using your imagination! :nod: Very cool :D

I never thought of it :O

Let me see if I can make something outta your idea. ;)
SlitherGirl's avatar
Thank you! =3

And I can't wait to see it! ^^
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Could be :)

Thanks for comment :nod:
rainleopard's avatar
hmm... everyone already guessed my ideas.
whatever you turn it into, i'm sure it'll be awesome, like always :)
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:D Thanks for the comment :)
Evil-Neko-Marine's avatar
Turn it into the Holy Grail?

"We've already got one, you see?"

"Oh...well...whats it like?"

"Its'a very nice, very nice!"

0-ASH-0's avatar
Holy Grail? :O
Maybe just a Grail :D cool idea :nod:

Thanks for the comment.
Evil-Neko-Marine's avatar
^^ No problem. Was making the joke..I got a link here somewhere..*Goes to find it...comes back a few minutes later.*

Fast foreward to 3:28.


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Hourglass is the 1st thing that comes to everyone's mind :nod:

Thanks for the comment :D
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Cool XD
I dunno what you can make it into. Maybe like an ice cream dish? And then stick in all sorts of different ice creams with nuts and berries and stuff. Ice cream is always good ;D
It's up to you though. Looks really good too, you seriously know how to use paint.NET well.
0-ASH-0's avatar
Thanks for the comment :)

Your idea crossed my mind too :nod:
Thanks for the comment :D

ps. ice cream is good =P :)
hollyelizabethjean's avatar
With some work you could turn it into a glass chess pawn.
0-ASH-0's avatar
Ding ding ding, you guessed what the 2nd result would be. :nod:
Sweetnut got the 1st.
Stay tuned, I will make both :D

Thanks for the comment :)
Sweetnut's avatar
its a top of a thumbtack! wow can u make the needle?
0-ASH-0's avatar
Ding ding ding, You just guessed what the 1st result would be :nod:

Thanks for the comment :)
omagrandmother's avatar
make the P shore trophy for those nutcases on the overflow of forum.

I'm sure they will love it.
0-ASH-0's avatar
Turn Shore's head into metal or glass on top of the trophy, then you've got a real Shore trophy. :)
omagrandmother's avatar
ok I'll get the head done you teach me the base. some of those guys really need this trophy. maybe i better make a few.
canicalavera's avatar
good !!! like a true glass colour !
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