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More Than Meets the Eye

Remember the WIP I posted earlier? [link] [link]
Well, This is what I was making :)

I wanted to try and see if I am able to do this in Paint.NET
after watching Transformers the movie. [link]

One day I was checking out BMW's site and saw their X6 [link] ,
and was joking with a friend who loves BMW that I can make the X6 into a Robot.
That's how this started.... :nod:
1 Month's time
...So now it's finally done. :phew:

Learned alot while making this piece :plotting:

:mwahaha: Enjoy :mwahaha:


99% was done by me using Paint.NET >> [link]
Some Stock image from BMW was used >> [link]
©2008 BMW
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© 2008 - 2021 0-ASH-0
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Magnificent! I real lesson in what PDN can do. Always a :+fav: with me.
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Awesome work as always. Any new tuts?
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*head asplode*
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That is truly incredible, well done.
I don't think I could ever make something like this with PDN
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BMW's + Transformers = All of lifes needs.

How'd you do this with PDN?! Its awesome!
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Can you remember what version of Paint.NET was out at that time, and what plugins you used?... because this still amazes me :D

Great job, I remember seeing this on the forums right as I joined in July...
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This is awesome for PDN
I see how you have done it but WOW
Nicely done Ash :)
shadowhun's avatar
Oh my god! Nicely done!
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Haven't been on deviant in a while, so I didn't see this. Nice job man.
Mazeyman's avatar
The main body feels a bit... Small. Other than that, pure genius.
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Thanks for comment :nod:
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Amazing! especially when it's done with Paint.NET.
How bout giving it to dreamworks for it appear in the next transformers movie? :D

0-ASH-0's avatar
Thanks, Yeah, I wish =P
God damn can you make on again but with an avalon and blue i will love you!
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It took me appx 1 month to finish this one, I can't do it again. :no:
But thanks for stopping by and commenting :nod:
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How could you make this masterpiece just with PDN?
0-ASH-0's avatar
I guess ... practice practice practice?
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Except to be hired for Transformers 2...


That is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
0-ASH-0's avatar
I wish :D
Thanks for stopping by and commenting :nod:
Reese50's avatar
I mean *expect*

arggh, spelling!

*Jaw drops at the sight of Ash's masterpiece*
See you on the forums!
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