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Mmm ... 3D Homer

3D Homer made in Paint.NET.

This is for a fellow Paint.NET user and the 1st person who watched me on dA leif-j [link] :)

This was fun, I can't believe I never tried doing something simple (compare to my other pieces) like this :D

Enjoy :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha:

Edit: Made some adjustments after reading comments :)

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Your welcome, keep up the good work!!
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jajaja the phrase paint dot net is the new for homer !!!

D'oh !
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Yes, Thanks for the comment :)
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Simpsons characters are often drawn without eyelids.
Male without eyelashes. Female with eyelashes.
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Yes, listen to the Simpsons' master :) :nod:
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He's creeping me out, does he have to stare at me like that? Oh, he does? Well carry on then XDD
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:D Thanks for the comment & :+fav: :nod:
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Ha, ha. Thanks. That is great. I still don’t understand how you manage to make all those wonderful pictures.
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:) Thanks for the comment & :+fav: , let me know if there are parts I should adjust.
since you work with The Simpsons on many of your pieces :)
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As said, the head is a bit too high. And the ears are a bit to big. And make the hair over the ears a strait line. Remember they are like a “ M “ if you see Homers head from the side.
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I'll make some changes, but I did use some images for references. ;)
I think I will just change his head so it's not too high :)
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Looks great that way. I have seen other attempts to make Simpsons characters into 3D. It always looks so deferent because they are normally 2D.
Yours is definitely one of the best I have seen.
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Why thank you :)
I will make the whole Simpson family into 3D if I have time :D
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His head is a little bit too... tall. Other than that, great! (although I don't like that purple background)
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I'll see what I can do about the haed, purple can be changed :)
Thanks for the comment.
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hah, this is awesome :lol:
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The forhead looks a little strange, other than that, it's great :)
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