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Lava Lamp V2

Seems quite a few people are trying my Lava Lamp V1 Tutorial again. :D

I guess it's about time I use some new plugins and new found skills to make a new generation Lava Lamp. :nod:

Enjoy My Paint.NET creation... :mwahaha:

*This is about 90% complete, I will keep working on it, post update as needed :nod:*

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I like the on button to it makes it a modern new generaion looking ava lamp. Out of curiosity could you add glitter? Just wondering i Think that might be cool looking. Again and as always Nice job.
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Thanks :)

Glitter might be too much for this image.
Maybe on another one :nod:
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Excuse my language Ash, but thats pretty damn fine work. ^^ Great use of what cha got! One suggestion, ease up the lighting of the piece. I think it migth look better to make it look sharper, instead use bigger contrast between the colors to make sharp lines.

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Thank you for the comment :)

The lighting/shading I let shape3d take control, I only adjusted the light agnle setting.
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I like the on off button, it adds a nice touch. =D
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great use of the new plugins Ash.

question did you use same camera angle on all the layers of blue? or did you tilt some at higher levels than the standard 23.

This is very good so far and I like it very much. you say you are going to do some more work on it? well maybe the colored globs would be nice. that was something that caught my eye in the first one.

are you making the light source come from the side again, or will you try the difficult front on angle? that would be something I'm very much wanting to have a tut on.

thanks for the lovely work, always.

your friend OMA
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I use the same angle for the while image.
The multi-colored blobs was cool :D
But I wanna try something different this version so I kept it 1 color only.
I'm planing to have the light coming from the inside of the lamp from the base.
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yeah this one is fantastic great job Ash You are going to half to make a tut for this one when it is done. See you guys need me I make a lava lamp and now people are trying it again. I am a trend setter lol just kidding great job Ash as always
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Heh :D
Thanks for the comment and trying Lava Lamp V1 Tut :nod:
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Thats pretty groovy man.
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Really nice the environment and everything (meaning the lamp and the power button and the glass and the background <I'm shutting up)
but the lava could be more anti aliased or something cause it doesn't look very 3D'ish
but it's really good and really above my one personal skills

so... GOod Job Ash.
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Thanks :nod:
I'll have to think about the lava...hmm..
I tried =P
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I actually like this one more than the first. And not to be a sheep and follow, but that power button makes it all the better.
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Hmm... I kinda like this one. I like your other one better, but this one looks more 3D, and that's good! I also like the blobs of wax in your old one... but as Ben said, the power button is a nice touch! ^_^
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Thank you :)
I wanted to make Version2 a bit different then Version1 :nod:
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Wow! Very nice! The power button in a nice touch.
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