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Ice cube 2.5

Trying something fun after the 1st Ice cube. :)
Testing some ideas.

Done some more edit. Now is version 2.5
I like the Ice cube with the pepper :)
(Fire & Ice/Hot & Cold)) :D

100% Paint.NET :mwahaha:
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It is really amazing! Good job!
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Thanks for the comment :nod:
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:wow: Great Job!
This is a cool concept.
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Thanks :) Just having some fun and testing some ideas.
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How were the vegetables made?
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IIRC, I use shape3d to make all of them :)
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That's so awesome!!!

Do you have an ice cube tut?
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Thanks :)

No Ice cube tut yet, Over at the PdN Fan Forum [link] they are trying to find their own way to make my ice cube :)
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*blinks* You have a forum? *bounces to look around*

Aaaaaaawesome! *glee* *scrambles to join*
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Is this a subliminal message you're trying to send us, such as the 5 A Day campaign? :orange: ;)

As always Ash, excellent piece of art.
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Thanks :)
And yes, It keeps the doctor away :D
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I REALLY like this. I only have one question. The celery seems to have a tiny shadow on the ice, but no shadows from the carrot? Although who am I to judge, I couldn't have done 1/5th the great job you did.
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Thanks for the comment! :)
The angle would put the carrot's shadow right behind of the carrot. :lol:
So Ash does not have to retouch again ^^;
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yeah the ice cubes is the best !!!

web of your tutorials !!! its awesomes !!!

an question...

if me i have an work of your tutorials and present at deviantart !!!! need permisions ??? or credits by the user ???

for example
i upload any ice cube made bme.....and post

cube iceberg by cancalavera (credits by ash tutorials)

only a question

waiting reply !!! jejejeje

i go visit the forum paint dot net !!!
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Thanks :)
Yeah, If you can mention about me, or put a link, that would be cool.
So more people can enjoy my Art and my tutorials :)
canicalavera's avatar
is the intention !!! you too post your tutorials in deviantart
i believe have a section in the web !!!

sorry for my english is low !!!

thanks !
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Wow, very cool, nice work!
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Used Jitter for freezing the carrot?
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If you mean the part inside the ice cube --> Dents
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OMG OMG OMG (dude i look so girly saying this :pissedoff:)

This is really great. Like the carrot :D :D :D :D

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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