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Green House

Some quick fun :)

Again was testing something so started with a small canvas :(

Enjoy My Paint.NET creation... :mwahaha:
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Flower! Stem! Tell! Now!! I NEED to know how to make a stem!!!
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Amazing, how'd you do the glass in the background?
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Lovely effect.
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*stares a moment* I think... I think I might actually know how to do this one, for once!

A gradient, with blue and green. Then the flower, then the tiles, then the same flower... right? *is hopeful*

By the way, great job!!
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:) Very close, you should give it a try :nod:
But look closely, there are a lot more details in there :nod:
Thanks :D
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Is that white-blue second gradient the other detail? *scribbles in PDN*
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Don't forget the glass blocks for the green house :nod:
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hey I like that one Ash the texture of the tiles looks like crumpled plastic bubble wrap. love it. can you get that texture with out using tiles.? and I'm looking forward to the flower tut. this one looks not too difficult to do but I am sure I'll learn a trick or two from you in the making of it.

as always my friend excellent work.
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I think have to use tiles to get the texture.

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well that looks real good . very shiny as the crowd from will say. we all love shiny.

and the flower looks very realistic.
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nice very nice indeed great job ASH
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Utterly amazing!! Can't wait to see the tutorial! :D
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yeah good art wqith pdnet !!! jejejeje
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real nice, once tried to make a flower on too but proved a little too difficult to me :D of course the background looks pretty smart with it too! like stacks of icecubes
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Thanks :)
I plan on making a tut for this flower since it doesn't take too many steps like most of my pieces.
If you like flowers, have you seen my other piece? [link]
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ooh, haven't seen this one before, it's great :) I like the way you drew the pistils and carpels in the middle, I think the black fits in well, and it's a real success as a pic

ps. flower petals/sepals come in quadruples of 3 or 5, altho that could be hard to make.
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Didn't know that :O
Next time if I draw flowers again I will make it correct :nod:
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