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Got Glass?

I've been trying to make glassy thing since my 1st gem tutorial [link]

And after seeing these topics and trying to help on the PDN forum
[link] & [link]
Made me wanted even more to make realistic glass objects :plotting:

And I believe myself using Paint.NET can make something like that, or very cloes! :nod:
While others are using GIMP or Photoshop to make theirs.
Not that those programs are bad, I just wanted to try and challenge myself :nod:

Now, I think I have it down close enough if not 100% =P :phew:

Look out GIMP & PS , Ash is gonna get ya with PDN :mwahaha:

Enjoy my creation :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha:
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~hollyelizabethjean "Second to last reminds me of a computer tower. Great job." yeah that dude is right it reminds me of the computer tower at my school just in glass form great job!!!
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Wow this is really brilliant.

I've been trying to make glass objects for days.

Is there any place with a tutorial. At least one with the basic ideas?

ash, you're brilliant. As is the glass.
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Thank you for the comment, depends on what program you use, so far I only use Paint.NET and there are some glass text tutorail on the Paint.NET forum. [link]
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All your glass works look .... well... glassy :thumbsup: What else can I say, you made glass and .... can I touch it... please?
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Thank you :)
Oh, no!! finger prints and smudges TT_TT. :D
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I'm afraid to say anything, incase my voice breaks the glass! *badumbshhh*
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:D shhhh....Be wery wery quite :)
Thanks for the comment :)
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Haha, yeah, I'll try. Probably shouldn't have chugged that Mountain Dew though, caffeine goes straight to my head.
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Ash this is fantastic! They look so real I could swear its a photograph.
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Thank you :D I always try to make my work as realistic as possible :nod:
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These are amazing! it is so realistic, and PDN will beat the GIMP and PS
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Thanks for the comment :)
If Rick and all the Plugin makers keep up the good job, I'm sure some day :nod:
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Second to last reminds me of a computer tower. Great job.
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Hmm...never thought of that :) Kinda reminds me of a soda can :D
Thanks for the comment.
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go get them Ash awsome blocks
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:wow: You had better watch out, you're wearing the fabric of the universe thin with your awesomeness.
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I'm not sure what that"fabric of the universe " means.
But thanks a bunch for the comments :D
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Its a kenning meaning "Time-space continuum". :D Keep it up and your awesomeness will end the universe as we know it.
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I should've understood, don't know what I was thinking =P
:O I hope not (I'll try to fix it) :D

Thank you for the awesome kind words :)
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very good Ash. I like the 3 d of these blocks they are fantastic.
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