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Glass block Reaction 'Video'

Glass blocks
Click on download button to download a flash video (5mb) to see how the glass block reacts with the background.
Which shows how real we can make glass using Paint.NET

I find this to be very cool, hope you do too. :)

Image made with Paint.NET
Flash video made with CamStudio

Enjoy my creation :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha:

(Small video due to CamStudio not working well trying to capture larger size :( )
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OMG! i figured it out! i feel so special!
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Okay, I've decided what I want! I want an Ash Plugin!

I want to scroll down through my effects and see one called "Add a Touch of Ash". And when I click on it, the picture goes from mediocre to explosively cool! x3 That'd be AWESOME!!
0-ASH-0's avatar
:D :laughing: heheh.....^^; wait....Don't turn me into a DLL file...TT_TT :sprint:
Anywayz =P Thanks for your comment :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it :nod:
SlitherGirl's avatar
*tackles runaway smile*

*says in a creepy voice* But if you become a DLL file, I could keep you in my computer foooooreeeveerr!! XDD

Anyway, you're welcome! ^_^ Keep it up!
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Very cool, but I can't get your video to work, when I click on the HTML file, I just get a white screen.
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Do have the latest Flash player? Are you using IE?
Try to ask in the forum about my video and see if someone who knows more can help.
K00PA-TR00PA's avatar
I'm using Firefox, and yeah, I have the latest flash player. I'll try it with IE.
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The image is nice and all, but it was the video that blew me away. You must know your blending modes...I don't know what half of them mean*...

*I wish someone could write a tutorial for them *hint* *hint*
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:) I'm glad you like it.
BTH, I sometimes don't know what the blending mode does, I just try em all =P
And see which on will look right.
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:+fav:. It kinda looks like you're a wizard. Or maybe God. Are you God?
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I'm glad you like it :nod: :)
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Was the realistic reflection warping a combination of creative blending modes, or was magic involved somehow? ;P

You continue to amaze, sir. Well done.
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:D It was the magic of a blending mode :)
Thanks for the comment!
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Just... Wow... I especially enjoyed the video! :O
0-ASH-0's avatar
I'm glad you like it, thanks for the comment :)
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excellent ASH! perfection. so for next challenge?....
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Just trying to mix & match everything together.
Textures, patterns, object won't be cool if I can't put them to good use. :)
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glass fanatic, (points finger at the ashman) . I bet youre going for render quality as well eh? Its an interesting process in PDN.
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Just looking for things to challenge myself using PDN only.
Gem, Fur, Water, Ice, Fire, Glass....etc etc..
It's fun trying to use PDN to do what other do in PS, 3d programs...etc. :nod:
verndewd's avatar
I just started ps, totally a different and complex beast.
verndewd's avatar
getting closer to realism. ;)
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I just reused 1 of the patterns from "got glass" [link]
and mix it up a bit.:pepsi:
ilinamorato's avatar!?!
0-ASH-0's avatar
:) I'm glad you like it :D
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