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Glass and Reflections

Getting ready to hang them on the Xmas tree?
Good time to do some "reflection" on one self at the year end. :)

As usual, made in Paint.NET.

Enjoy my creation :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha:

There are still some small details I should add, more to come later.
Saty tuned. :plotting:

Look closely, there are lots of details in this piece already :sherlock:


Edit 1: Added more reflections,
but there should be at least 15+ more reflections to add.
(last I counted) :O
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and also the reflection of the bulbs in the bulbs lol
lylcoop's avatar
I love how you have the reflection of the glass in the  bulb lol
Goonfella's avatar
I just love this one. It`s a lesson to us all in how to do reflections and glass. A definite fave of mine. ;)
TormentorKreator's avatar
Is there a tutorial for this? i cant take my eyes off your creations your like.. the godfather of =/
One day, when I grow up, I'm gonna learn how to make glass like that...That's ridiculously good, even for you!
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xodarap-paradox's avatar
This is by far my fav pic of yours. Still trying to get the effect down...
Ash, That is amazing!!!! I just hope I can do half as good as that someday. WOW

0-ASH-0's avatar
Just practice practice practice!
I'm sure you will :)

Good luck and have fun!
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You took the glass ball "effect/tut" to the extreme...dang!
0-ASH-0's avatar
Huh? I didn't know there was a glass ball tut? :O
Deegh's avatar
Kinda like a's like the button tuts...but definitely not as extensive as yours looks...
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I know the answer is probably "no", but by any chance do you remember what page of the Pictorium this was posted in?
0-ASH-0's avatar
You mean the old Pictorium? [link]
Just 1 question: Why do you need to find it in the old Pictorium? :O
ShuiYue's avatar
Is it just me or do they kind of look like they are grinning?
0-ASH-0's avatar
It's just you ;) you got me thinking it too :O :D

Thanks for the comment :nod:
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Wow. I could stare at these for hours and never get tired of them, they`re so pretty! *favs* I`mma stare at them some more now.
0-ASH-0's avatar
:D Glad you like it!
Thanks for comment & :+fav: :nod:
Kurohyochan's avatar
You`re very welcome! ^-^
Mar0988's avatar
Wow, it is really amazing :wow:
0-ASH-0's avatar
:) Thanks for the comment and :+fav:
DarkMetaMortal's avatar
Man, can this be real using Paint.NET
i'm about to get mad believing this
0-ASH-0's avatar
Anything is possible when you put you mind to it and work hard :nod:
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I flippin love this if it is not to much to ask could you please pretty pretty pleas make a tutorial for this.

you are like the king of Paint.NET:worship:
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