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Glass Cube

Last time I tried Ice Cubes [link] & [link]

Now I try Glass Cube. :)

Enjoy my creation :nod: :mwahaha: :nod:

Edit: I usually don't post updates so soon after the first.
But I was working on the image again, a few more layers + different blending modes made it much better.
The new one is on the left.
What do you think?

Edit2: Just 1 more. ok I'll stop working on this for now =P :D
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Hi Ash,

I'm using Photoimpact 12, the gimp from time to time.

But I'm sure it can be done in other programms as well. I'm curious about the "logic" or the principles behind your artwork.

And I would try pdn as well.
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The key is the outter edge (frame) of the glass, then the highlight (shine).
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Would you mind giving me a link to the .pdn file?

I now use Paint.Net as well. :)
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Wonderfull images. I'm in awe. Have been trying to create glass cubes for days now.

How did u do this?
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Again, depends on what you use, in Paint.NET there is a plugin call "shape3d" which helps me make the cube.
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All very nice. I'm as interested as can be to find out how these were made. Please post a tut.
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You sure are asking for a lot of tuts :O
You gotta know 1 thing...lazy Ash loves to draw but not to type =P
I'll see what I can do :nod:
Anyways, Thanks for the comments :)
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Very very professional as usual!
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Excellent stuff Ash =D
SlitherGirl's avatar
Niiiice! I like! ^_^

It looks pretty cool! x3 You gonna have a tut for it?
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Well done!! it looks a lot clearer as well
0-ASH-0's avatar
Thanks :)
Yeah glass should be clearer :)
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Are you sure you aren't using a camera to make these pictures?

They're too perfect.
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Thanks for the comment :D
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i like them both you have one in light on in the dark 2 way's of looking at it
StephanHeijl's avatar
Looks awesome Ash, goes straight with all my other faves :D I like the original more then the remake though...
0-ASH-0's avatar
Thank you for the comment & :+fav: :D
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The update looks a lot better :)
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Thanks :)
I think so too, thta's why I posted the new one so soon :nod:
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